Do I need a post on the subject of a budget smart home?

Asked byflorin perianu

briefly about the smart home:
Very, very briefly about what I received (the very end of the comment):

P.S. I don’t ask for karma :) Just wondering how important it is)


charlene fuller gossett
No need to ask, you need to act :)
Good luck.
I will add: each article will find its reader. A good article - many readers.
The topic is extremely interesting, we are waiting. - jo o vaz
Of course! Good, smart post with a bunch of facts, taken from the head :)
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crispin young
jessica schley
I would love to read. I will wait for the article.
shannon kennedy newby
And then why the question? :) If you think this is interesting, then go ahead.
I also find it interesting.
I am pleased to read.
It’s just a big enough project to be described very long :) I don’t want to waste time :) But the number of advantages finally convinced me :) - melissa williams
shane warren
It will be interesting to read. And the budget will it be a zero house or from economical materials?
Budget - rather inexpensive to manufacture, I mean from economical materials :) what I have already achieved can be read here :) Unfortunately, turning an apartment into a zero house is almost unreal) - pantle
martin szomszor
Smart home is always interesting! Since everyone has their own vision of this issue ...
We are waiting for the article! :)
Needed. I myself want to collect with the regulation of the intensity of light, temperature sensors in the apartment / on the street, the sensor of the presence of people in the rooms (a man came in - turned on the light, no one in the room - turned off and a switch on the wall - on / off / automatically when people were present) and automatic opening / closing taps - set the desired temperature, hot and cold water taps themselves open and adjust the temperature of the water.
Oh yeah, how do you write - the link in PM can? - jen moseley
Of course :) - caryne
And I can credit, please. - yamaris
Be careful with auto-on-off lights. I was in a mini-hotel with such a feature in the lobby. Despite the set sensitivity and shutdown delays, atski infuriates :) - paige smith
I came up with a clever system - we put sensors in two rows on the way to the room, reacting to the intersection - like in supermarkets at the turnstiles. If the near sensors are crossed, and then the distant ones, the person has gone out, minus the meter, otherwise he has entered, we are turning on. The counter is at 0, the light is off, otherwise it is on. Well, this is if the switch is in automatic mode, and if you sleep or have a day, then we turn it off, the light is needed all the time - on. You can make voice control. - anne clair
Well, where is the post? :)
rachel davis
Need? Yes, he just needed! Look forward to.
pukovnik mrgud
It is very necessary, please write ^ _ ^.
leigh hancock
Unambiguously need +1.
dawn schlauderaff
Strange question. Such posts I have not met since the registration.
robert wilson
needed. We wait.
allan miller
I would gladly read
tanya spackman
It is very necessary! Read interesting!
in more detail about the S-Bus, which you used, plz
of course, write. Only deployed pliz
Needed. Separately interested in what the wires, where and how stretched.
As I understand it, not only 220 comes to each outlet, but also wires from the main server? same wires to all sensors?

I would like to prepare for the next repair and think in advance where to set up what wires in the walls.
Now here is busy with this mutation. Hard everything actually :)) - pamm bahuriak
robin romero
Alex_EXEcuter, I now have an apartment too idle. I want to introduce the functions of a smart home.

Please. Especially if this is all in practice.
Yes! :)
marwa hamed
yes, yes!
jehan corbin
Tolka FOR!
lisa hall wilson
The topic is good, would be willing to write a whole series ;-)
5 years ago I had to get acquainted with “smart houses”, but not a budget option ... I wonder all this ...
douglas smith
Don't forget to write about the software component.
MongoDB and OLAP :: Can I do without Entity-Attribute-Value? :: Alternative QNX :: GxNeur - Is the demon falling off?
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