Good software for project management + bugtracker + version control?

Asked bykemi balogun

Immediately I warn you that I watched a lot of things, both online services and offline applications, while I stopped at Trac + a couple of plug-ins.

It would be nice for everyone, but there is no possibility to do multi-level tasks (i.e. there is a certain common task, and there are subtasks within it) or tickets. Too flat scheme is obtained, not for complex projects.


Redmine watched?
At first glance, the same system as Truk’s is linear Milestone towns and tickets. And I want nested. - pranav
At a second glance, Rdmine has a lot of link, including Subtasks. - shulamit
Redmine out of the box supports embedded tasks since 1.0.0 - micki macdevitt
Redmine is an excellent bugtracker, convenient wiki and integration with version control systems out of the box. There is a plugin for the blog, track time and plan releases. svn / git for version control.

If you do not want to produce Ruby runtime of different versions and the command already has a Tomkat, you can link. In this case, the connection to the database through the jdbc driver is fairly easy to set up. and admin with admin skills do not have to search for ruby)

If there is a desire to hide part of the tickets from an external customer and at the same time give him access to the project's bugtracker, then in this case it is better to use Jira

As a continuous integration system, you can use Jenkins or Cruise control. Cruise control will have to adminit through editing xml configs with pens, Jenkins admin has web gui. Cruise control was a fairly flexible project with a huge number of plug-ins, but it hasn’t been updated for a year. - meredith vietor
edward grigoryan
redmine + git / svn? You can create subtasks, have several projects + a bunch of plug-ins
Quickly here answer already :) - amna
tom craig
To control svn versions, if you need a centralized system, and git, if you need a distributed one.
amanda kaplan
Of the paid ones: Jira - quite powerful tool, integration with SVN, subtasks, subprojects, etc.
I didn’t know about a package for startups for $ 10. I'll have to try. - rose keeler
In JIRA, tickets and sub-tickets are different things and 1 level of hierarchy, as I recall. - lizmalinowski
I also use Jira. quite comfortable. - patti berg
karen graves castilano
Redmine + Mercurial
Well, I support the previous commentators, but I'll sign a little more.

About half a year ago I went through all the free project management systems for my own use, and finally settled on Redmine, and, as it seemed to me at least then, without options.

Those. all at the level of good commercial systems.

Plus, minor flaws can be fixed on your own (sometimes there is a minor UI glitch, which is annoying at the same time, and it's easy to fix it).

In another project I use Assembla, also an interesting system. But, in my opinion, Redmine is not worse, but free :)
faith demars
There was also a positive experience using FogBugz & Klin (Mercurial repository). There is generally a smart system. You can get a free account for 2 users, or use paid access, $ 25 per user per month.
FogBugz is a uniquely excellent bug-tracking system, but is everything normal with multi-level tasks? .. However, something may have changed in the last two years, I have not communicated with it since that time. - kislay usha chandra
I advise TrackStudio, ready to respond with karma.
Multi-level tasks are there and not just like this: access is configured at any level. There is also access control for fields, messages, etc.
If you have a lot of projects, several teams or several customers, you are unlikely to find something better (especially for such money).
From open source hierarchy is only in Redmine, as far as I know. If there are not enough Redmine capabilities (for example, in the area of ​​security or integration, or else where), then TrackStudio will definitely :-) - mark law
h b sh kh (We didn’t try it yourself, because the whole office got hooked on MegaPlan by the time it was found - it wasn’t yet considered necessary for a developer)
Also subscribe to redmine.
chris carr while everyone is happy - convenient for customers
suzanne gert
I use, I chose among similar services ( including) by criteria
 - svn + mercurial or git to both of them
 - milestone system and new and buggy
 - the ability to bind a commit to taksku or bug, and thereby close it (main) - turned out to be the cheapest in the initial plan, and the interface is the most understandable.
We were stopped by the fact that it was impossible to edit the description of tickets there. Very strange limitation. - susan smythe
katie kowalski
I advise GitHub, if you have something to hide, then there is a paid account with the possibility of private repositories.
There is no sense to waste time on non-purposeful things (administration, support), since these things are easier and cheaper to outsource.
Sorry there with the planning yet nothing. - tracy chrenka
We use CodeSpaces. Very handy thing. There is a task manager, a planner, supports SVN & GIT :)
SVN is a great thing, simple reliable and software is well-tuned for it.
ps for harsh chelebintsev I can advise GIT, a serious and powerful thing, even too powerful.
Probably, the author was referring to the re-browser, not the version control system - kristina howard
aviya kushner
Try, it has git and svn, tasks can be collected in the Mailstone, and also tied to each other.
This is a Redmine, only with a different interface and customized plugins. - mauricio hermosillo
As far as I know, these are still very different products, although they have many similarities (Ie, unfuddle is a proprietary development). And in my opinion unfuddle somehow more careful :) - null
wina oktavia
ruth jalfon
Redmine without options)
No, seriously - great design, integration with a bunch of VCS (Git, SVN etc), nested projects, there is a REST interface, rights sharing.
Yes, redmine is a great thing, I completely agree. I chose it among a dozen alternatives - and I have been living and rejoicing for many months (used both for a separate project and as a PMSystem web studio).
In terms of the hierarchy of projects and tasks, everything is quite flexible.
Plus a simple API for writing plugins - if something is missing. - noony
we try to implement something like this on if it is interesting, you can give us tips and suggestions, we implement, the option of api is possible ...
lloyd moore
Put the TracMasterTickets plugin
Replies: - sharon brady
musubi bunny
trac to the track. Another thing is that in order to be able to use them normally, you need to install a dozen more plug-ins. TracGit, TracMasterTickets, Announcer, TracDup, TracGanttCalendar, TracTicketChangelog, TracWikiNotification, DefaultCC - an approximate hungry minimum. From ryushechek you can still add BlackMagicTickets, AccountManager, DateField, TracStats.
adam pankratz
There is such a good development Megaplan. Website - You can agree on the number of licenses, there is a demo. I use the order of the year, I am satisfied.
If I really want a lot of modules - here is There is a Russian there in my opinion.
Megaplan is not intended to manage a software project. - ruth gorme
Megaplan is for managers, for web studios, but not for software projects and products.
Neither SCM, nor Myllestone. Although nested tasks are great. - gaby
donny joseph
ActiveCollab. We use it ourselves and recommend it to you.
Code - svn, git, as many have already recommended.
If for programmers, then Redmine is probably perfect.
There is also - a very simple project management system,

Well, there is another development link
If you like it - write LS)
dov zeller
There is a good video on this topic:
mr thompson
Could not resist.

Team foundation server
With regards to version control systems, everything is not so simple and beautiful, unfortunately.

We with our rather complicated project (not one, however) some time ago, we smoothly moved from Subversion + Bugzilla to git + Redmine. On svn it is impossible to live with a large amount of code and an extensive history, of course. But the other side of the question pops up: the existing git implementation for Windows (tried msysgit + TortoiseGIT) works compared to the Unix version very slowly (although it is still faster than subversion) and has a number of floating problems associated with line breaks, file name registers and so on.

For most of our team, this is uncritical, we sit mostly on Linux. But there is a developer working under Windows. And each time, trying to solve these problems with him, I am thinking about replacing git with mercurial.
well, I don’t know what size your project is, we have a very good life on a svn project. Apparently depends on the specifics. On one web engine more than 5 thousand commits. - maiabasas
mary beth goeggel
bugzilla + svn + redmine (if needed)
Try Comindware Project. allows you to create new multi-level tasks and work with them. Can be used with Comindware Tracker for bugs.
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