Replacing & quot; captcha & quot ;?

Asked bykevin curtis

Is it worth removing the “captcha” and using, for example, checking for the time of sending - say, less than 5 seconds - exactly a bot.

What other options are there?


janet elfring
To give a link to an IQ test, there are a lot of questions, if you answer in less than 20 minutes, send a nafig. If it scores less than 90 points, send nafig (either a bot or an idiot), if it scores more than 130, send nafig (also a bot with answers to an IQ test, or a genius who will still be bored on your site).
130 - not such a great result, 5 years ago they passed with the Classic IQ Test (Tickle) employee with a maximum of 140 points, both scored 135, passed a competitive basis without cheats. I am far from being a genius, 130 is a normal figure for a programmer.
And in the test The Super IQ Test (also Tickle) it seemed 152, but this is also not genius. So it does not suit your option, plus I always pass tests quickly, always in a hurry. - salacious bee
It is unlikely that the user will return after such a check to your site.
This is a clear disrespect to the user's time. - becky webb
kristy harvey
Unfortunately, a bot can wait for 5 seconds and 10. You should also perform a Turing test, which only a person can pass. By “captcha” you apparently meant only a test in the form of character recognition. Then there are alternatives:
1. Speech recognition.
2. Recognition of the graphic image, counting the number of similar objects.
3. Answer to the riddle, mathematics, continue the steady expression.
tom samjana
On my websites I use the question during registration, which is selected randomly from the list of questions, and in addition also the captcha itself. Bots for 3 months is not visible.
and users too :) - lindsey swan
zephikel archer
count the number of items of the same type.
In :) Exactly ... Three numbered pictures are given, the task is to find an extra one ... Only numbers are not one, two, three, but something more serious and there are different things on each captcha ... So that it doesn’t work out with a random number.
And what's the difference, what numbers? Three pictures. Accordingly, the probability to guess = 1/3 = 33%
And this is shikaaarno! - glen goldsmith
There are three pictures on them, some images and how many significant numbers ... You need to enter the numbers from the picture with the extra image ... As if the spam bot understands the numbers, it is not the point that it guesses the picture ... - kate lattey
You can search the base of proverbs and sayings, put asterisks in one of the words and ask what word it is. You can even from the list.
You can make an SMS check if you have a little ReCaptcha.
why this answer received a minus? - jorrie
An advanced Internet public has a persistent allergy to a request to send an SMS on the website :) - praz
I meant to enter the code sent to the number. - shigi
Generate a javascript expression that will be evaluated by the user agent (browser), and the answer will be added to the hidden form field.
From a custom-written bot this does not help, from a massive one - easy.
If you competently approach this issue, you may get a quality solution.
Ask for "what time is it".
alejandro salazar
1. Manual pre-moderation (manually check the first N user comments)
2. Service type Akismet
3. Read more about testing comments with special sets of rules. For the presence in the text of more than N references - a penalty of 5 points. For the presence of words from the banned list (porn, Viagra, etc.) is still fine. For short comments like “thank you” or “hello! cool blog too fine. Etc. As a result, the total amount looks and the comment is discarded or published. Unfortunately, I can not remember the link to the original article.
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