Tell me a normal traffic accounting system for Linux

Asked byjason ocampo

Immediately make a reservation - you do not need a full billing, just statistics :)
Approximately the same as in Kerio WinRoute - i.e. it should be possible to easily and easily see from which ip where you went and how much you pumped.

Data collection can be carried out for example using flow-capture, but what should be used to generate statistics based on this data?

link - annalise haggar
Windows? Unix? - nyrie
Give a magnifying glass? :) - mary thigpen


You can try to see
There is a report “who-how much?” And “who-where?”.

Or something based on squid. But everything that he found in his time turned out to be old (in the sense, ancient and abandoned)
Thank you, I'll see today. But so with the mind does not cause confidence :) - kamana
flow-tools + cacti (for graphic display)
Cacti does not roll, I do not need graphics :)
I need statistics of visited hosts for each specific user, which could be easily viewed. - alexander yartsev
heather mccubbin
If there is a squid, then sams is an excellent choice. Authorization, etc. If authorization is not needed, then sarg is not bad either.
jeanne ligte
And netams and nawt than you are not satisfied?
Or if you really want a simple one, then ulog / ulogd + is a simple parser?

P.S. In my opinion, I even once advised.
Just feel for additional options :) - kristin worthen
tell me tell me !!! ulog in the last ubuntu dead ... how to revive? - eamon montgomery
james digiovanna
traffpro, if you are without cockroaches with GPL
brandon rickabaugh
ahmad shnewer
for squid I recommend lightsquid.
And besides a squid? No more options?
j l gillham
As already written above, look towards SAMS + SQUID. On the site you can see the demo web interface.
Looked, not impressed. In chrome glitches, the interface from the early nineties. I certainly understand that it is more important to go than checkers, but damn - not so much :) Besides, I don’t want to use a squid at all. - natalie senderowicz
Squid + SAMS is bad because you only get HTTP and FTP.
Maybe UTM? I have not tried it myself ... - kathi
priscilla paton
squid + some kind of parser its access.log of your choice + stargazer to account for all traffic.
That is, you see how much in the stargazer, and where to the squid ...
I have so implemented.
There is such a thing pfSense. Made in the form of a specially assembled and cropped distra fryahi, can do a lot of things.
I can only say for the third time that I do not need a squid.
As well as a separate assembly of free traffic counts.
Full billing also somehow does not really want to use.

The solution should be simple, why make heaps of unnecessary crutches?
If it's not there, I'll write it better.

In general, thank you all, the question is closed.
matt kozlov
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