Set up an Ident in IRC?

Asked byjovan

I have a VPS server on Debian, bots connect to the network.

You need to set up an identity for them (so that there are more than 5 connections from one IP - you need an identity for this).

The problem is that oidentd is installed and configured, TCP port 113 is open, but the bots are still not identical ...

The telnet on the 113th port passes, a message is written in the logs that they have logged on to this port. In addition, there is nothing in the logs - if you enter the IRC via bots or irssi.

The oidentd config is 100% working - I checked it on another VPS server. Here it is: oidentd.conf

The current server is working under the virtual OpenVZ, if I need to open ports - I contact the administrator. Perhaps the problem is in the external machine (not counting the fact that port 113 is open and working), but I do not have access to it, I can only ask for something to register or enable.

Unfortunately, Google practically does not help, I met several posts on forums with a similar problem, but I could not find an answer.

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