SPF record for domain with mail on Masterhost?

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Domain uses mail from Masterhost. How to technically correctly add an SPF record for a domain? What is the recording format?

TP MX can not answer for a day.


Damn, the MX has done everything for a long time: just press the “wizard” button on the field for the value of the record and it forms the record itself:

 v=spf1 ip4: include:masterhost.ru ~all

I'm just wondering - how should I have figured out the purpose of this button, and how did he guess that I need exactly SPF? O_O
What is the point of such an SPF, if anyway ~ all? - eric simpson
at least “v = spf1 a mx ptr ~ all” do for now, if they answer something specifically, add the appropriate IP, and change ~ all to -all
That's right in this form and add?

I have, say,
domain.com domain
smtp smtp.example.com
pop3 pop.example.com - jason blair
sabrina mercier ullhorn
Add a text type with the name @. And there you specify from which ip it is possible to send mail. Examples were on Habré:


Or you can see which spfs are listed on other sites:

host -t txt google.com
google.com descriptive text "v = spf1 include: _netblocks.google.com ip4: ip4: ~ all"

host -t txt habrahabr.ru
habrahabr.ru descriptive text "v = spf1 a: relay.habralab.ru include: aspmx.googlemail.com ~ all"

If you write the ticket number (for example, I will give the right people a long time to answer such a simple question)
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