Several Redis databases on the host

Asked byfrankie

Is it possible to host several separate Redis databases on the same host?

At least in php drivers there is no possibility to set a specific database. The use of pseudonyms (somewhere on the Internet was such an option) does not roll - overly weak protection.


melanie guthrie
you can run several radishes - each hang on a separate port - each has its own base
you can keep several bases in the radish, by default the client connects to base №0
in the config you can set the maximum possible number of databases

Select a database with the select command (
The author of radish considers it to be a support for several bases, will not develop and says that the right way is to run several radishes on the same system.

In addition, several databases do not solve problems with authorization. A few radishes with different configs decide - kristin mcduffie
phil melikyan
As an option to intercept the call and add a prefix to the key.
At what level to intercept? I understand from the database server. Then you need to add another authorization layer over the existing one, so that someone cannot take the prefix without permission.
Although yes, the option is interesting, it will be necessary to try. - madeleine
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