Prevalence of JVM

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We need an approximate percentage of the prevalence of JVM on desktops.
It will be even better if there is data on the platforms.
I know that the JVM is already out of the box in most popular Linux distros, as well as on MacOS. But how is it going on Windows? Especially on XP with different service packs.


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Thank you. However, the result was surprised - if only 80% is in Habré, then what about housewives? - sina
Java is often pre-installed on the laptops sold. I myself met four models of laptops from different manufacturers (Dell, Asus, HP and Toshiba), some version was installed on all. Also, banks often use it to identify a client, although this is a crutch, since enough common password over SSL + activation code via SMS. There is also a popular torrent client in Java, although it is not as common as uT.

In general, if not in the form of an applet or JavaFX, you can use Java - look at it as a variant of DirectX. If the situation allows, you can distribute the software with your jre. - joy cervantes
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