Help me choose a router for home

Asked byeric starker

Need a router for home within 3000r.
Main objectives:
So as not to cut the speed (I have 30 Mbit / s and PPPoE connection).
And, accordingly, the same fast Wi-Fi.

Thank you in advance.


verity mclellan
I recommend D-Link
I do not recommend D-Link - michelle s
And firmware DD-WRT - haania
or from Oleg - sarah green
Well, firmware, of course, not native to leave) - karim
Then, too, "Oleg firmware development": - loralee
My native firmware works fine. No problem. - robin silk
a reid
I have D-Link DIR-310 at home. No complaints, so I can recommend it.
I remembered there was one problem. Ubuntu refused to see him, but this was decided by switching the encryption type from TKIP and AES to AES. - christa hogan
derrick hodges
The old man WL-500gP v2 at me pulls 45 Mbit. But, this option is for those who find functions and experiences with firmware (thousands of them!) More important than high speeds.
There are new models for ASUS with n. And as a ready-made solution you can look in the direction of the wonderful devices from Linksys.
emily ellis
I have a D-Link DIR-300 / NRU and D-link DIR-320. The first more budget option with good functionality, I advise it. I have not complained yet and there were no problems, it works 8 months 24/7. I bought in this store
bev lane
Linksys WRT160N v2 - I have quite mastered up to 70-90 Mbit transit flow (+ torrents)
But only if you do not use L2TP / PPTP - everything is sad here. Megabit 10 on power with freezes from time to time. Moreover, it is the torrent download that kills him, apparently due to the large number of compounds that need to be natitized.
L2TP / PPTP even killed a PC-based router.
It's easier to change the provider :) - theresa moir
And what about PPPoE, you do not know? - holly chang
I did not try, but, I suspect, similarly - alexandru andronache
keith douglas
Any tp-link is enough for a home. Today is TP-vr340gd. Only flash firmware with newer firmware and everything works from a ditch (dual accessories IP-TV)
jordan bowman
Maybe you can advise me too?) I need a router for the house with a USB port (assuming I have SkyLink modems connected there). I consider it as a variant of the D-link DIR-320 (that's just not support 802.11n), since DIR-300 is already there and he didn’t particularly upset.

Is it possible to install squid, dnsmasq, globax on a router with firmware like DD-WRT?
On, see the list of Asus routers compatible with the firmware: I remember there was a model with YUSB and N, although Yusbha there is only one, unlike the 500 models, but considering that you are considering 320 D-Link - it will probably ... - neats
Linksys WRT54GL
What for trying to insert into the fret engine from Mercedes? :-) Linkis - Tsisko. Cisco at home, this is my bust, though of course IMHO. - gena stezala
already logged in. tsiska bought linksys. It is for the purpose of selling something with your label in the SOHO segment, reminding everyone of yourself. But ANYTHING from tsisko in the usual sense of the word (except for the label :)), is not in linksys. This is what the price says. And the devices are quite decent, although not without glitches. - marta
I had this device (revision 1.5)
So when working in torrent or p2p networks, the grid falls. There is no alternative firmware, only native (only for 1.5 revision). I handed over it, I hope they will make an exchange for Asus RT-13n - ravi
& gt; There is no alternative firmware, only my own
DDWRT, OpenWRT? - jennifer sullivan
emily reynolds
I advise you to choose a router with a nimble processor. From personal experience, I can say the following: there is a dlink 320 router - an analogue of asus wl500P v2, flashed with Oleg firmware, a Beeline provider, 12mb, pulls without problems, but a large number of active torrents on the computer loads the router's processor up to 100%, which happens to be crushing IPTV, sags incoming speed, sites opened slowly - even by sight you can see, and only distributions were made. Then I installed a separate computer as a router, all problems were solved, torrents are distributed to the maximum.
I also did not pull on Olegovsky. Switched to L2TP - earned.
The main difficulty with L2TP Beeline is that it is not listed anywhere on the site, etc.
The comedy is that, as a VPN for L2TP, you need to set - such is not an obvious joke, which was revealed in technical support ... - nandan
Siorinex, I just connected via l2tp, just prescribed the static server address, instead of - shifra
Then, of course, yes ... I therefore try to move to smaller tariffs: meaning, if the router gets stuck ?!
True, they again recently upgraded my 650 ruble tariff to 12 megabits ... :( - billwilliams
jim becker
Asus s are good (WL-500gP v2 - my choice is the same), but there is one “but” that spoils everything and because of which I will never buy the network device of this manufacturer. In the CIS (in Ukraine anyway, for sure, in Russia, as I was told right there on Habré, too), Asus has no non-warranty repair of network devices. Those. warranty - please, but if the warranty is over (or the firmware was unsuccessfully flooded, for example, and the “body” reliably died) - physical fitness:
"Dear Eugene,
Unfortunately, there is no warranty repair of network equipment on the territory of Ukraine.
Regards, ASUS Technical Support.

The company's logic is absurd and incomprehensible - they can provide a service and get money, but for some unknown reason they don’t want it. In any case, this situation was as of October 2009.

Py.Sy. I use Linksys WAG54G2 with DD-WRT firmware, there are no complaints, although my Internet is not faster than 10 Mbit / s, so I don’t say how it behaves at high speeds.
Clarification. That's right, my model is called Linksys WRT54G2 V1 (when I wrote comments, I took the name not from the piece of iron, but from the site of the store where I bought it. Either they were wrong or I missed). As it turned out, the WAG54G2 is an ADSL device and many come to this Habr topic from search engines, in a vain search for alternative firmware for such modems. Alas, they do not seem to exist, and I accidentally placed hope in people with my mistake. Excuse me:) - rhianon
Look no problem with a tsiska, although the price is appropriate. This is if you are ready to pay for quality.
At 30Mbps PPPoE with WiFi we need something already since 1801. And that’s from $ 500 with ebay (used) to ~ 1500 if it’s new. I want to see a man ready to give $ 1k + for a home router;)
p.s. besides linksys, I have Cisco 3620, but not so much for Internet as for ipsec to the office, telephony and experiments. - madeleine15
in my work colleague bought himself home) - mnikesa
For about 4 years it has been worth di-524 and it works fine. Then cost about 1000re, I also use pppoe connection.
I also have it, but to be honest, it is weak in all respects. - fereidun
no, no, I'm not saying that he is good, I say that he works - carol melde
and I have about 4 years. and not a day almost normal work. then it hangs, it slows down, horror ... - genevieve m
and why have you been tormented for 4 years already?) change it finally, or vacuum it at the worst - ben kim
IMHO, zyxel p330w ee - classics of the genre
I have this - no problems
link forgot something: - aaron blohowiak
jill corddry
Once again, I repeated it, and I repeat - Linksys WRT320N, and better WRT610N ... If the network is small at home, or even for one computer, take anything you want ... On my network at 4 laptops + media server + TV - enough both of the above ...)
And yes, D-Link, TP-Link = money thrown out.
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