3G USB modem - direct ip address

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The task is to connect to the remote device using the http protocol. The device is connected to the Internet through a router with a USB modem.

Resources: Dlink DIR412 router (or DIR320, there is one and the other), HUAWEI E160G modem (ZTE MF170), wireless ip camera.

Current results:

DynDNS does not work, because the Beeline releases everyone only through NAT. Dedicated ip address does not give to physicists, only to legal entities working on postpay.

The megaphone seems to have the same situation.

Question: Are there any known ways to connect, even through the third link (a separate server), without switching to the tariff for legal entities.


t rkay
MTS provides an external IP.
Real IP service, if memory serves - cozmainia
sue king
1) buy cheap vds (for example from firstvds.ru/fastvps.ru)
2) raise vpn there (for example openvpn)
3) forward the port using iptables to the vpn address of your device
4) done!
As I understand it, for this the router must be able to pick up a vpn connection? - liz adame
obviously - melinda garcia
carol adams
dynamic dns chop and you will have a domain through programs on the PC or for example raspberry
bella ella
I use the pointgsm.ru service, gives a white static ip address, without registration to legal entities.
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