How to make jsp documents (jspx) keep formatting final html?

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JSP documents (those with XML syntax and .jspx extension) delete all formatting when generating the resulting HTML. All html markup is simply written to a string.

How to set up so that jspx documents retain their formatting like simple JSP pages?


Lay on top of the resulting xslt hml, which will format nicely ;-)
No, well, this is not serious! =)) - ben hughes
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No, if it could be turned on and off, then no question! But the fact of the matter is that to get rid of it so far did not work. You have to get lost ... - islefaye
But seriously, put in CDATA or not use jspx:

In fact, the problem at this level is not normally solved. If it's just inconvenient for debugging, then look through firebug and similar things (by the way, as far as I remember, someone from the browsers, like Opera, formats itself before displaying the source code). If spaces require layout, then typeset so that it does not require or insert nbsp.

I studied this question a little and came to the conclusion that a person does not have much sense to write jspx, it is more convenient to jsp (nbsp, conditional comments for IE, javascript and less sign, preserving formatting and spaces, ...). Only for generating and updating utilities is convenient, since they can work with the xml tree.
The advantages of jspx are usually attributed to the fact that jsp is solved through the coding style instruction and code review. - richard bowden
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