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I suffer before choosing a computer mouse, but I still can not find my ideal. At the moment I have a Mighty Mouse that came bundled with the iMac and it got me so that the scroll is constantly sticking.

Mouse Requirements:
- noiselessness (so that buttons and scrolls click as quietly as possible)
- ergonomic (so that the hand rested on the mouse and it can be put entirely)
- wired
- had DPI switching modes (at least two 800-1800 modes and a DPI button to switch on top of the mouse, not under it)
- MacOS compatibility
- optional, scroll horizontally

Who saw this?


paolo castelletti
Logitech MX1100

8 months of active use in AutoCAD, Solidworks and Altium designer. First-class mouse. Just click the buttons as usual, but otherwise meets your criteria. He left one of the two batteries - enough for three months with an 8 hour working day and using at home.
I changed it to MX Performance, because I wanted and got tired of changing the battery every three months (there is a charge through the cable).
Oh, thanks, it seems. Do you put two fingers on the buttons or three? If two, is it convenient to the nameless and pinky lie down? Is the little finger on the shelf on the mouse or on the rug? - kelly rist
And another question: can it just work from a cable without batteries? - marc94
I put two fingers on the buttons. Nameless and little finger almost never lie on the shelf. An hour before the end of the working day, when the hand is already very tired (continuous work with the mouse in CAD), sometimes the little finger touches the mat, but this is not every day. This applies to both the MX1100 and MX Performance. - tad richards
The USB-miniUSB cable from MX Performance only charges the mouse battery.

The MX1100 does not have a cable, the batteries there will have to be charged with an external charger, which is also not included. - edwardo
Conveniently, when the mouse is charging from the base with an induction coil (i.e., without any connectors that can be broken without throwing the device neatly at the base). Are there induction mats? :) Well, what would the device without wires and charge from lying on the carpet? - andrea o dell
As far as I know, there are no serial models with wireless charging yet (if you add MX Performance removable legs and wireless charging, it will be super, but then you need to add touch surfaces :-)).

Induction mice are good at A4Tech. They are powered by a rug, which is already wired to USB.

Descending release date:

A4Tech NB-99D

A couple of hours worked like this - a mouse like a mouse. In my opinion, induction is a dubious advantage compared to excellent ergonomics and first-class materials of Logitek MX1100 or Performance. For only one secret button for the thumb, to which I assign Alt + Tab, these mice can be entered into history). - constance
Silent and so that everything rests is more like a trackball. I have 3
but you can find them. I also like the mouse: Laser LX1000, I don’t know if it’s suitable for you. Silent, comfortable in the hand. - pearl saban
thanks, I only held the trackball once in my hand, I don’t even remember if it was comfortable.
And about Lx1000, I didn’t find something like this in Google, do not tell me the link? - leslie bird bassett
This is what I described, it was meant RX1000, simple, cheap, convenient lazerka. Without frills and any priblud, just works well. - duane turner
what recommendations for trackballs? (Based on personal experience)
under the thumb or top location? - juliet jackson
It is more convenient for me with the upper one, IMHO, the thumb is less controlling the ball, the upper one is controlled by two fingers. In general, the trackball in any case, 2 weeks will have to get used to, but, then, then - chic. - terina barta
linda grischy
Everything except the mountains. scrolling and noiseless (the usual sound) is the Logitech G5 Gaming Grade Laser Mouse -
it is not compatible with MacOS: (although if it has a DPI change without drivers, you can try - courtney king
Compatible. This is a standard HID without driver blots, the DPI switches in the mouse itself. I use this device at home, but I rarely use a scroll wheel, so I flew out of my head. An excellent device, survived the fire, water and drunken fights :) One problem: the cord is bent at the base of the device (I already I changed the lace) after a year of use Hania. - noiresque
Wheel tilting is an arch-like thing. For horizontal scrolling only, I don't use it. Tilting to the left is Ctrl + Z, and tilting to the right is Ctrl + Tab (switching tabs in my CAD systems). - sarah clarke
annie brock
A4 Tech X-7 I really like.
It is not convenient to wash. Especially the finger lining. I had to re-stick it with the back side so that it would get dirty less.
This mouse has a triple click :) - khamrick24
I use the Logitech G5. Meets all the parameters you want, except for “noiseless”, when you press the key and scroll there is a sound ... not such, of course, that it will wake everyone in the house, but it is, like in any mouse ...

DPI switch on top. by default on 3 modes, installing the driver and software ... you can program 5 modes in the program. maximum 2000
horizontal scrolling. 2 additional buttons on the left above the thumb ... conveniently programmed in the same software as the sensitivity modes. (By the way, these side buttons by default work fine in browsers to go back and forth)
Razer Imperator
robert crawson
Logitech Performance MX - Best for everyday work, arguing is useless.
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.
Replies: - chris eisenlauer
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