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Need help. I have never encountered vlan before, but this is what needs to be done.

In general, there is a linksys 4400n router, which sucks keeps the pptp connection with the provider. There is a laptop from which I want to make a router, but there is one ethernet port.

How I present:
The laptop connects to port 1 of the 4400 router, then connects to the provider and distributes the Internet to ports 2 and 3 of the router.

In general, as I understand it, you need to create two vlan in windows. I have this vlan1 and vlan2. And is there no need to set up anything else?

How to configure the router? Do I create two vlans in it too? One already is by default and I create the second vlan.

What settings should be set there?
That is, it is necessary for vlan1 to have access to the provider (access to the internet port of the router), and vlan2 to be combined with port 2 and 3 of the router.
Appropriate for vlan1, the laptop connects to the Internet, and for vlan2, the laptop already distributes the Internet to ports 2 and 3 of the router.

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carter van noy
And to what port is the provider connected?
If you do it through vlan, then on the router you need something like this (x-port of the provider):
x - access tag 1
1 - trunk tag 1,2
2.3 access tag 2
The provider is connected to the internet port. - katherine harris
kelly vasquez
A bit off topic, but I did a lot easier in Linux. On one interface I hung 2 virtual ones with different IPs and everything worked quickly, stably and without any problems.

I work with debian, but in ubunt, pollock and other debianzeized will work too. It does this:

auto eth0: 1 eth0: 2

iface eth0: 1 inet dhcp

iface eth0: 2 inet static
& lt; ..... & gt;
I prefer to add addresses to the interface using the ip addr add 192.168.0.x dev eth0 utility and you can work with this address in iptables (which is not friendly with aliases).
the only thing that you cannot use in network / interfaces without aliases. - coralyn
Well, I’m building up through network interfaces, and then I’m not worried.
And in iptables I don’t like to work with interfaces, IMHO it’s more useful to write rules for addresses and subnets, then if the name of the face changes or something happens, you don’t have to redo anything. You can also set them with variables, of course, but still superfluous actions, IMHO. - jamie kustak
Can it be easier to buy a PCMCIA / USB network card?
We are not looking for easy ways ..) - grant hutchins
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