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In Windows 7, you need to forward the port to the virtual machine that is running in it. Google issued a couple of programs - one loops and loads the processor, the other after restarting resets the settings, another one cannot read its configuration file, the other one asked to pay. Can someone tell me what solution?

Details include:
The computer (Windows 7 Pro) is accessible from the Internet, an internet connection via VPN, it runs Vmware Player with HostOnly network and Linux OS. It runs some server that is Linux Only. When accessing from the Internet to port 12345, a connection to port 12345 was created in this virtual machine.


zachary underhill
you can use standard tools, without additional programs.
Run the command line as administrator and do the following:
netsh interface>portproxy
netsh interface portproxy>add v4tov4 listenport=12345 connectaddress=  connectport=22 listenaddress=

netsh interface portproxy>dump

# Конфигурация портов прокси
pushd interface portproxy

add v4tov4 listenport=12345 connectaddress= connectport=22


# Конец конфигурации портов прокси

Thus, we get port forwarding 12345 to
is generally excellent. but saved after reboot? - april prince
Yes, it is. - miguel nicol s
is now faced with an interesting problem:
on command

netsh interface portproxy & gt; dump


# ===========================
# Proxy port configuration
# ===========================
pushd interface portproxy

add v4tov4 listenport = 3210 connectaddress = connectport = 3210
add v4tov4 listenport = 3211 connectaddress = connectport = 3210


However, attempts to delete records on command:
netsh interface portproxy & gt; delete v4tov4 listenport = 3210


Cannot find the specified file.

I can not imagine what I'm doing wrong? (Windows 8.1 Pro) - louise knoverek
It was necessary to act like this:
delete v4tov4 listenaddress = listenport = 3210 - mahmoud ageez
mary mastromonaco
. You can try rinetd for Windows: Winxp worked fine.
Wow, well, just what you need! Thank. Everything is simple and everything works. - nathan cordery
Also with sources. I'll try to attach the output logs bun, it does not seem to be defaulted. - bonnie tharp
and even easier)) 3proxy or part of the tcppm utility
very small and irreplaceable console program for Windows
The config file 3proxy.cfg will look like this:
 tcppm 12345 12345
#где ip на который перенаправлять

3proxy is installed as a service in Windows; you just need to configure its automatic launch.
everything is on the developer's site.
Option1 - send over the ICS (RRAS? I don’t know how it is called in the seven)
Option 2 - install vmware workstation / server and forward it with funds.
ICS I already have the sharing of the Internet to my home network (laptop and mobile), and I don’t even know how to do it through it.
vmware server somewhere I also read about him. but I would like something freeware. - krista perdue
server is just a freeware, unlike workstation. It is only necessary to register on the site vmvare. - motahareh
Hmm, and the truth is Free. Shake, learn. I also read that it can run virtual machines as a service, which would help me a lot. - achraj singh
"I also read that it can run virtual machines as a service"
More precisely, VMware Server runs as a service and can independently turn on virtual machines, including with a temporary delay indicated by you. - amandalil
put the kerio winroute firewall - two users or devices for free, you can en buy a license. There you can just do what you want. Most likely by the way.

there is an ipfw implementation under Windows, if you are a red-eyed coper, you can handle it.

if you want even more perversions, manage to install ISA on windows 7. this is a challenge.
Thank you, I will look at wipfw, so, for the future, you will need sometime anyway. - lisa goodfellow
kerio winroute, yes you can, but it is very much for such a task. Yes, and probably did not get in two devices, if I understood about the device. - julie vaden
on the contrary, I think the most suitable for you. Two users or two devices, but right now I look - in general trial.

Download torrents, in short, and unlimitedly everything. - jennifer didik
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