Advise a program for timing

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The task is to write down what you are doing every 10 minutes. Need a program under Windows, so that at least it is every 10 minutes. reminded of herself, but as a maximum, she allowed straight into her and write down the cases, and then output all this in a visual form.

Do you do programming? - randall
unfortunately not - sophia b


I'm not sure that this is what you need, but I use Grindstone 2 for timing,
andrea johnson
Lazycure and here's article link
I use TODOList ( - at least functionality, but I’m like a reminder I don’t use it)
kristin heatherly
Try link and link related programs
And under Windows advise the best option? - annette davis
I here link thing very much - tiffani brooke
A4 paper and pencil
I liked “Allnetic Working Time Tracking” the most.
Allows you to break the timing of projects / tasks / subtasks
Catches inactivity, blocking PC. Makes reports.
It is inexpensive.
Expensive. Take a closer look at the recommendations above) I've been sitting here for the second day with Grindstone 2. A permanent timer shows what a task and how much time you already perform, set it up so that it reminds itself every 10 minutes, and when you activate the computer, after a minute of inactivity, it asks what you have been doing all this time) - j trott
I looked Grindstone2. Good stuff. But the lack of a hierarchy of tasks makes it difficult to use. Although the taste and color - no markers - anneliesuitgent
Tried Lazycure, Rescue Time - did not like. truetimetracker enjoyed the week - the utility is doubtful (for me). TODOList enjoyed about a year. I used paper and pencil for two months.
From Grindstone2 left a dual impression. It seems and not bad - but not very convenient in some places. And in general - the feeling that timekeeping is for the sake of timekeeping itself. - denise cossey
Well, in principle, yes - I need it) - nolboo
I really like the AIR applications in this regard. They are cross-platform and do not depend on a specific computer, such as
well, these are TO-DO programs. Did you use them? Do any of them show any activity every 10 minutes? - wandini
Doomi is not a bad compact list from the link above, and for reminder I used FocusBooster'om With the help of it, I measured the working time and rest time. While he beeps, you can look at the task lists and make changes to the active - adam fleming
You can also see a huge selection among similar applications here:

Look on the Internet for GTD (Vitaly Kolesnik once wrote an excellent article about his GTD experience using the method of David Allen
carla herrera
I just read about it on livehacker: it collects data about the applications used, the websites visited, doing nothing and doing it on a basis This is all sorts of beautiful graphics.
It was very disappointing that for the project it was impossible to select several arbitrary programs and sites. In general, the reason for which the choice of either one program or one site or all at once is realized is not clear ... - jack elder
For collecting data about the applications and sites being used, I use wakoopa, for example link. But, to be honest, I rarely visit it and haven't listened to any recommendations for applications - I have already created a list of software I need for myself. But sometimes you need to replenish it - as it is now :) - lairn
o ouellette
Personally, I like Rescue Time.
jody bloom
I use timedoctor
Really like. Just under your goals.
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