Chrome and Google Bookmarks

Asked byjenny schuerholz

Perhaps the question is amateurish, but what to do. How can you quickly (in one click) save links to Google Bookmarks when you work in Chrome?
For Opera and others, as I understand it, there is a google tab, on Habré I found only topics from two years ago. Or advise the instruction on Google Bookmarks in Russian.


anuradha goyal
Are extensions not suitable?
Here it is, for example:
thanks and try this thing. - kelly wolf
Thanks again, this is probably a little better, no need to keep the bookmark bar open all the time. - danbi
jessica carlson
What are the instructions? Set up synchronization with your Google account and everything is saved there automatically.
deena thomson
According to the link one of the options as one click to save them Chrome in Google Bookmarks
thanks exactly what I was looking for - mguido
Options - & gt; Personal stuff
There enter the login / pass and what to synchronize
this is clearly not a single click :) synchronization is not something, you need to add a new one - andrea morales
michael woodruff
IMHO the best extension for this is
Just now reflected that the bookmarks Chrome! = Google.Bookmarks. Although such duplication of functionality in large corporations is not uncommon.

Maybe someone knows the plugins for FF, allowing you to use bookmarks from Google.Chrome? I use FF for work, and Chrome only for surfing.
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