Question about setting up builds in TFS 2010

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Help a newbie.

There is a solution in which there is a web project, a project with logic and a database project. And there are three questions about setting up builds.

1) How to make it so that when you build a test server, the ConnectionString in the web.config from the local developer database to the test server is replaced?
2) How to make database project deploy on every build?
3) Where in general can you read about all this in detail? Desirable in Russian.


I know how to do all this just in VS 2010. Do I need?
Of course you need! - jcfdt
1) Configure Web.Config Transformation. The project type must be “Web Application”, for “Web Site” this cannot be done.
2) In the properties of the project, you can configure it on the deployment database if there is a ConnectionString for it. Search for “Package / Publish SQL”, “Build Events”. In the article below there is information on how to configure the build from the command line
3) More details:
I did not try to search in Russian, maybe something has already been written in MSDN: - christopher fan
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