Wine, games and open ATI driver?

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worth on Fedora 13, AthlonX2, 2G RAM, ATI Radeon x2300. Unfortunately, ATI dropped support for non-HD cards in the proprietary driver, we have to use an open radeon.

So here. The goal is to cut yourself in POP Warrior Within or Fallout 3. On Windows it all ran. Under Vayn cheto crashes.

In general, any Windows game that Direct3d uses or slows down or crashes. Even Diablo II. When you put DirectDraw in it, it flies. Direct3d slows down.

Directx in Wine set from winetricks.

Attention question. Is it a cant driver or can you do something, do something, install some DLL, etc.?

On winehq they write that all these games come with Gold status, i.e. are coming.


AMD dropped support for cards ≤ R500. Your map is the RV610, and it should work with a proprietary driver.
does not work, checked a thousand times. No devices found. - jonathan emmett
without X-server logs with a proprietary driver installed - unfounded. - julie nelson
nicki lewis
By the way, free 3d drivers do not know how to (old chip, I don’t follow as much as I’m using Nvidia, I don’t know what has changed in the last month, but a month ago, this was the case. speech does not go. Attempt proprietary. Would kill AMD for support from vidia in Linux ... (
Ohoho, and the men did not know © - lori cope
melissa chaikof
I suffer with this myself. Video Mobile Express x1250, but the video is definitely sagging (compared to Windows. only with it) and gives ~ 1600FPS in d3d under wine, then with textures of the shoals, then FPS in the region of 2-5.
nicole draeger
In winetricks there is an option d3ddxrenderer = opengl (named I don’t remember exactly the parameters, but this option is at the end.) We install. However, some 3d applications will not go, and the rest will go faster.
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