How articles from Wikipedia are attached to GoogleMaps

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In particular, why is article visible on the map, but article is not?


meg wise
Do you mean the coordinates in the right corner of the article?
rather means that when viewing Google maps. in the “other”, the “Wikipedia” checkbox is put and the wikipedia articles are shown on the map. something like this link - blair iolair
pedro timoteo
coordinates are written in both articles, but with different parameters

in the article which is tied to google maps
 |lat_dir = N|lat_deg = 55|lat_min = 45|lat_sec = 09
 |lon_dir = E|lon_deg = 38|lon_min = 00|lon_sec = 32
 |region        = RU
 |CoordScale    = 

an article that is not tied to google maps
 |lat_deg = 55.727319 
 |lon_deg = 37.966244
 |CoordAddon = 
 |CoordScale = 

can try to add the region = RU parameter can help
P.S. or change the recording format of the coordinates to a more detailed one, as in the first version
You are wrong. The format of the parameters simply depends on the card template. As a result, the {{coord}} template is called there, which inserts coordinates in a standard format.

Google most likely uses laid out dumps to create a layer of Wikipedia articles, and updates it quite rarely. I can assume that they parse the microformat geo, which is used in {{coord}}, but perhaps they do something else. - k klemenich
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