File manager for linux?

Asked bymatt cegielka

Please advise a convenient two-pane file manager for linux.


gino luka
It is very bad that in 2010 the best file manager is some kind of prehistoric console program, which UTF-8 only started to understand normally last year. It would be cool to find something exactly the same, only with a graphical interface. - cindy halsey
on the contrary, it proves that there is no need anymore! Its capabilities are quite enough for everyday use, and if something is missing you have a command line from the bottom, in which you can do almost everything +) - sharif h
This proves that everyone does not care. At all. It proves that there are few middle-level users (i.e., there is not enough Explorer, but Far / mc is inconvenient) - patricia dizon
and remind me how to write plugins to it. - emily ludwick
You can also write plugins to it? do you need? - amy tate
It’s a shame to put it in the gnome :-) - elisef
Yes, the Crusader is very flexible, you can add a bunch of all sorts of useful settings, if you want to add your own plugin, I don’t know about the gnome, imho qt you have so already assembled. - sansanee
paul sheldon
Gnome Commander.
approximately it, thanks - nancy cashwell
It does not enter the archives, with the right click on the folder the menu items (“open with”) are not shown, the disgusting little blue interface. Not usable at all. - alexandra michaelides
Krusader is much better. - tamer khattab
hm, the gnome commander perfectly works with archives and even by right-click you can create and extract archives. and the interface is really weak - scott van wetten
My fileroller opens on the enterr, and there is nothing in the context menu. Maybe some kind of plug-in is needed ... - jacquelyn
I have Gnome Commander on Arch uploading broken files via ftp. Maybe I didn’t finish something, but after that I prefer mc. - juliana winger
Double Commander is pretty good.
patrick brown
Here is link a good overview is given, although somewhat outdated.
seth manual
I use it. Before that, he used konqueror.
But this is rare. Basically, of course, mc. - kelsey bertels
mc, when you get used to it, you won’t be able to use the other :)
I agree, a beautiful thing. - kyla may
pam rubinoff
In the new nautilus it’s still more convenient: in f3, the mode of two panels is activated. Add to this the ability to open tabs on each of the panels - we get the most convenient file manager.
turns on the two panels and forget about the speed of navigation - nowie
How in this mode at least copy the file or switch to another panel using the keyboard? - pat f
With the keyboard control - trouble. But I used to press ctrl + c, three times tab, ctrl + v, as in a normal fm. - m ali gholamalian
as grown up on vc, I want keyboard control - rekha mcnutt
Then hang up.

Well, in this form you should not use it exactly. Perhaps there are some plugins, etc. - christian manrdisardjono
And what is needed? I can't live without a nautilus. Although sometimes I can use mc, and standard cd, ls, pwd, cat ...
andrew ryan conforti
Unambiguously MC
All you need in one bottle!
medha rane mujumdar
How many did not try different file managers, but did not find one that would satisfy the functionality / appearance. Therefore, I use nautilus + mc (most liked).
jessica amato
Tux Commaner
debbie hunton
konqueror is quite handy in tabular mode. (supports tabs)
himabindu killi
A bit of a Noob question, I myself am now inclined to mc ... but there are a couple of very annoying factors ...
MB who tell me that this is actually done simply and easily)

First of all, how the hell do you want the commander to remember the selected encoding after the restart (settings - & gt; bits of characters)?

secondly, how to install in the current panel the same directory as in the next one? do not exchange, namely copy? Is there such a hotkey? I did not find.
2. Alt + i - julie nielsen
If you have a console - definitely mc
"do you have a console" - is it a diagnosis? - ravensong
is beautiful, but under the gnome to put it is somehow not Orthodox ... - aashna
Do you want to go or have you go? :) the more GTK theme is successfully hung on Qt and KDE applications - kathryne powell
an d koenig feldman
console - (at least the most promising)
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