Advise good books on Python'u focused on web development

Asked bysara hoffman

Php tired, I want a new one. Decided to take up the study of python. Advise good books (not for teapots :). English or Russian - anyway.
Armed with a python I want to go to the study of Google App Engine - for it, too, I would like to read something interesting.


richard becker
Here is my book of Mark Summerfield, called "Programming in Python 3". Quite high quality, but web development is not focused.
yes, yes, I also study the python for this book, I really like how everything is described. - andy danielson
maryam khan
If by Django: “Django. Detailed guide. 2nd Edition "Holovaty A., Kaplan-Moss D.
Written clearly by the creators themselves.
sean golden
I recommend to learn the actual language (and web development is partially affected) “Mark Lutz. Learning Python, 3rd Edition (Symbol, 2009) well, or original :) Learning Python. Third Edition. Mark Lutz? (O'Reilly, 2008, may already have the 4th edition, but have not met). Focused on Python 2.5, then the most in GAE.

In App Engine, in 90% of cases, there are enough docks (at least if you worked with pehepe with frameworks like symphony and orms like doctrines) - English docks are better (they don’t have time to translate, apparently), plus Google Group

If, however, I wrote in a style close to procedural, then I strongly recommend another (and even up to) to study the books of the "gang of four", Fowler, etc. on patterns, DDD, TDD, UML, etc.
ayu musa
Django. Development of web applications in Python.
Publishing: Symbol Plus
ISBN 978-5-93286-167-7
Very good book on Jange.

By App Engine enough documentation.
There are open source projects on the app engine, for example shrub.

+1 for "Mark Lutz. Learning Python, 3rd Edition" as a book for learning the actual language + There are still 2 volumes "Mark Lutz. Programming in Python", which focuses on the techniques for solving practical problems

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