What is the list of basic books in mathematics?

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I didn’t teach math well at school (maybe I taught well, but I don’t remember anything). In this case, mathematics is now very necessary. I enjoy programming, but I constantly encounter “school” problems: lack of knowledge of fundamental mathematical algorithms, geometry, all sorts of logarithms, etc. What books can you advise to eliminate such a gap? It is important to note that I am a working person, and the amount of time for reading is limited (that is, any complete history of mathematics in 24 volumes does not fit). It is desirable that the book was read, if possible, easily, was written in an interesting language and contained not only dry formulas, but also “human” explanations of what, why, and how, and what follows from this.


haley campbell
The best reference books on the basics of mathematics that I met are:
Vygodsky M.Ya. "Handbook of elementary mathematics"
Vygodsky M.Ya. "Handbook of higher mathematics"

The Handbook of Elementary Mathematics is written in a very fascinating manner, with brief historical essays, which is very useful for understanding in the context of “why so?”. Moreover, despite its small size, this handbook contains much more useful information than the entire school program in mathematics.
Added to favorites. When children go to study, they will buy books by this author. - rodeo el sabae
Agree Although in the framework of higher mathematics, the reference book was not really useful, but in the last years of school I did not part with the first book, and my father presented me with a book. His school comments were still on the margin.

Neat, concise and to the point. - chrisel gonzalez
Great books! There were problems with the subject, namely the “Handbook of Elementary Mathematics” helped me a lot to master it in college, although for the first time I just accidentally took it from the shelf, I didn’t even think how it would help ... - michael rostenbach
robert hilario
Math cannot be comprehended by pure theory. My advice to you is to buy or download the “Collection of Tasks for Entering into High Schools” by M.I. Scanavi This is a collection of tasks divided into different levels of complexity. In the same place there are short costs from the theory. You start to decide when you feel a lack of theory - there is Wikipedia, Google, thematic forums. Good luck studying you! ..
Skanavi only helps you to get your hand and everything :) - dana jean
Plus for Skanavi - anthony venn brown
Skanavi, bravo!
For applicants and those who want to "restore" knowledge of school. math is what you need.
It is better to take another Reshebnik, everything is decided in detail in it. - susan pearce
Look towards Kurant, Robins "What is mathematics?"
+1 - sarah brew
sonya edwards
If higher mathematics is interested, then brief and understandable - Dmitry Pismenny - Lecturer in higher mathematics / Lecturer on probability theory.

Excellent books, he studied them, prepared for exams.
plus, matan written most accessible - shannon d
Honestly simple textbook, not the best. - sandy t
ryuu h
Try to start link
Thank you for your advice! Very cool book !!! - oksana
summarize? - greg g
It should just be read. Not. Mathematics will not. But at least you will understand that there is a sense in mathematics and that these characters are not magical, but quite meaningful! ;) - sarah wellman
I understand that the book is something like a pop science, yet it is what you need, so I was interested in reading it) - carol ganz
If you have not read it, then READ! ;) - flannery
bob peru
Try "What is mathematics?" R. Courant, G. Robbins

Itself only looked through, but the book was pleasant.
marilyn mann
I think that Graham and Knuth's book “Specific Mathematics.” Is exactly what you need.
There's also exclusively discrete - hilarie
gabriel jaraba
If you have a lot of stress over time, you can restrict yourself to Demidovich's collections of tasks. It seems there is a brief theory that should be sufficient. According to it, they study at the first courses of universities.
Well, familiar programmers say that analytical geometry often comes in handy. So, I think, Ilyin and Pozdnyak won't hurt you either. This is not a school task at all, but, as was said above, it is more interesting. Yes, and in terms of level, it should also come up - if my memory serves me, analytical geometry usually takes place in the first year of the first semester, so this is a near-school option.
If all this seems difficult to you, then I join the answer above: Skanavi is a great option.
And I just would not advise Demidovich. If the school level is not put in order, then you can’t even look at Demidovich. - essence
I can be wrong, but, in my opinion, the first volume of Demidovich, the very first chapters, just the same cling to the end of the school program, so the transition is relatively painless. But in one thing you are right, if everything is really bad with the school level, then perhaps it makes sense to solve something simpler. The same Skanavi, for example. Well, if there are problems with Scanavi, it may be reasonable to take some kind of brochure to prepare for the Unified State Exam, in order to recall the most basic things. - chris whitebell
karen candee
I have the same problem as you

I bought the "Course of Higher Mathematics" Smirnov V. I. Volume I, I read with pleasure.
reissue? or a book of 74 years? - maziar attarieh
shums muhammed
Buy a directory of the school program in tables and formulas.
Books on mathematics for universities can be considered, as you said, "the full history of mathematics in 24 volumes." Not suitable.
Books for schoolchildren will be too boring to read. Yes, and embarrassing - after all, already an adult. Not suitable either.
Then there is the in-the-middle option - allowances for entering universities.
I think that this book will suit you:
It contains many details useful in programming.
& gt; & gt; after all, already an adult. Not suitable either.
Most delusional words.
If the book solves the main task for which it was written, i.e. teaches and teaches well, no matter who reads an adult or schoolboy - this is a great book! - nadege clitandre
nisha chhabra
In this case, I recommend Wikipedia. Even finding there things that interest you about logarithms, you can read the article to the end - and learn something new for common development.
But in order to raise mathematics fundamentally, one cannot do without a systematic approach. We had this course of 6 semesters ... And, naturally, in conjunction theory + practice. Therefore, if there is no time, it will only fill in the gaps as they are discovered ...
kristen a tolbert
Tumanov- Elementary Algebra 1962. A beautiful book, although very old, I’m very sorry that I didn’t have it in fifth grade
yes, standing book - courtney spoerndle
m keep
link & quot ;. It covers all sections of mathematics, starting with the basics. It has two drawbacks: firstly, it covers too many sections, and secondly, it does not have tasks for independent solution. But after reading it, you will be able to understand where your spaces are and tighter in dealing with them.

Although the textbook is intended for economists, but only the last two sections on econometrics and financial markets have been made exclusively for them. But I could be wrong, because I myself was not a prog, maybe this tutorial does not cover important sections for developers, for example, topology.
ryan wilcoxen
And I somehow stumbled on the net on this book: link, very much. Positioned as a pocket book, the information is summarized briefly, but all the main branches of mathematics are affected. The thing is to remember something basic.
wael ghonim
There is a wonderful series of books by V. Boss "Lectures on Mathematics". It is read very simply. It explains why this or that theorem is needed, what is its significance in general in mathematics.
Sigorsky V.P. - The mathematical apparatus of the engineer (1977) - An excellent explanatory guide to mathematics, in order to touch the terms and their meanings and applications in engineering.
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