Advise a three-dimensional engine for working with augmented reality

Asked bylilyth

I work with augmented reality.
The Ogre3D engine is being used now, but exporters do not pull complex 3Dmax models for it, this problem presents many problems.
Just want more realism and detail.
Easy programming is welcome;)
Both free and paid engines are interested.

Please advise any engines that solve the above problems in whole or in part.


Game engine - Panda3D (built-in own physics + ODE, sound, AI, graphics, HUD, automatic shader generator, network, etc.). High speed, full official support of Python, is free, documented in detail, as examples you will find a number of applications with augmented reality.
Russian community, in fact, no.
Unfortunately, exporters from 3DMax, if I remember correctly, are also in third place after Maya and Blender ...
See OsgART
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