Account without long activity - delete or not delete?

Asked bypeggy h

Good day!

What do you think: if a person has registered on the resource, but does not visit him for a long time - is it necessary to keep his account?

After all, on some resources - they are deactivated. On others - the base continues to fill them.
Both the first and the second have both pluses and minuses. How to find a compromise?


jenny garone
Well, as if the compromise solution is not deleted without notifying the user. I think the ideal option is to send an email with a link to confirm that an account is needed. The person will follow the link and confirm that the record is needed if not delete it 7 days after sending the confirmation request. IMHO is reasonable ...
Shl: it's just not very nice to remove without warning, as they say, a warning shot right in the head;) - annamaria
In my opinion, the only adequate opinion is here. - justin heath
tamra dale
Definitely not.
Once a week we hear for sure from a “misguided” user - “Damn, I was in the army, I thought everything, and here is a surprise, the account still exists. Thank you! ”
emily crespo
Yes, the question is controversial. But it is more pleasant for me, having come to a long-forgotten site, to find that I registered there a year ago.
Although now I am confused by the inscription "on the site for 1 year and 1 month", because I really start using the service only now.
brianna lopez
It is possible to set up a field in the database that signals the user's activity, if the user is inactive, the field goes false and all entities associated with this account are not used, the user is notified, but always has the opportunity to return his account by simply visiting the site and thus changing false to true, I think that you can come up with many more ways to reduce the load using this field.
Or you can store such users in a separate database, from which they can be returned later, when the user is moved to the inactive database, it is also worth notifying him.
Delete in any case is not worth it, anything happens with users, someone decided to live a year away from civilization, someone has huge projects at work and no time to visit a resource, thousands of options, and deletion will in any case decrease loyalty, bits vseravno , but not to people.
In my opinion it is optimal to do something like “Archiving”. For example, a person did not enter the year and his records are archived, while a letter is sent to his inbox before and after “archiving”. And in the archives of all this boast no more say 2 years, then removed.

 - Do not lose users
 - unload the database

-Need a place for the second database, for the archive
Do not delete.

If such questions arise because, with a large number of users, functions like get_user_name start to work slowly, then I would change the way information is stored about users. And people are happy and not slow. No cons.
lasairfiona smith
. In no case, never delete user-filled data. After all, anything can happen)

If this affects the performance of the system in any way, send a mailing list that its data has been transferred to the “archive” and discard the link to the recovery.

When archiving, transfer user data to another server.

And do not forget to create a system for recovery!
mary raines
In any case, the best option for the user is not to remove the user from the database permanently. Perhaps you need to stop sending after a certain time and warn the user about it.
To count the dead souls, you can tick the 'IsDead' next to each user after some long time.
Oh yes, give the opportunity to retire, so that the profile was not visible. Well and at will - instead of a nickname in messages to issue 'deleted' - kerri ann
For some reason, no one remembered that deleting records from the database often creates additional fragmentation and can slow down the execution of queries. Although of course for most sites (where less than 100 thousand registered), the slowdown of requests will be insignificant.

But can anyone tell what is the point of deleting inactive accounts?
Damn, deleting files from the screw on mass services creates fragmentation and this is actually from a post about contacting. What now, with the base does not work fully? :)

There is another question and task.

The sense in maintaining the relevance of the project data. - benjamin yeo
marc brian
In my opinion, if you are sure that you no longer need this account, you can safely delete it.
Also, when registering (well, for example, to receive hidden content (such as links) some information is indicated, such as age, mobile number, city of residence, etc., which in the event of “loss” of the database can cause you any harm - it is also advisable to delete such an account.
But remembering the cases of hijacking the same uin'ov, with the help of re-registration of remote / "deactivated" email ... Maybe they still need to keep active?
So it all depends on the purpose for which the account was registered.
janice maynard
Delete uniquely! But after some reasonable period, at least 1 year, after informing the user about the planned removal. If the number is more important to you, even if it is numerous “dead souls”, such as in social networks, which are long in front of investors and the target audience, then of course you decide ... :)
Moreover, on many services I would very much like to see the “self-destruction” function. Sometimes it is necessary to delete an account on their own due to non-use, so that they don’t remind themselves about themselves any more and they don’t get any calluses.
ayu musa
I come to some sites where I’ve been registered for a long time, after years. nice account is alive.
why delete? it is a pity that)
above about isDead and fragmentation correctly written.
leland rowley
No need to delete. My distribution has been on my TPB for 6 years already, and I can log in and add a comment or change the distribution. Delete for inactivity - could not.
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