Why does the q & a rating of the article appear immediately, but in posts you need to “merge” a voice?

Asked byesraa

Looking at the article for which I did not vote - I do not see the rating of this article. I need to put +, - or just merge my voice to see what rating the article has. But in q & a - immediately visible.
Question: Why is the q & a rating visible?


jennifer joelle
In the articles, the rating is not visible for a more objective assessment of the article by the users, so that the decision on the assessment is made only on the basis of their own feelings, so that the opinion of the “crowd” does not put pressure on the decision. In matters of simpler, here the evaluation does not play a major role, but rather a minor one. The value of the question is in the correct answers, but not in the rating.
If in q & a the main answer, then it is more logical to hide the rating of answers? - jeaninemg
In general, it is logical. But why do not registered at all can not find out the rating of the article? Everyone has a “0” there. - anita rader
And why would evaluation comments just as well not hide? - patrick butler
And why the number of votes in QA is not displayed? - horhat george
Similarly, the number of votes lost somewhere in a parking lot 8-) On Monday, correct. Regarding the hidden evaluation comments need to think. We will set up a section on the go, look at how events develop and rule, if anything goes wrong. - laura murray
crea7or, usja, questions and answers are not so significant for the universe to hold a closed vote on each. - marylee young
gansta: therefore, those who are especially gifted will look without logging in in one browser, and they will put the ratings in another :) - suranjeeta
But seriously, I think the fact that someone else’s rating is most important is also important Habr's readers should play a minor role. And the developers have tried to build the system in such a way that the user gets the content already prepared for it on the main one and does not ask questions about the number of ratings for the article and its rating. This is evidenced by a very confused system of displaying posts, comments, ratings, and other things. - alaa sami
judy cole
Deniskin got lazy and he was broken by hiding the rating.
jenny nielsen
By the way, I understand that assessing a question with a +1 voice does not make karma +1?
No way. - drkluane spake
jane ward
Because inertness in a large flow and generally in Q & A format is not critical.
horhat george
I think that here the rating is the popularity of the issue. It makes no sense to hide it. And it does not affect habrarating. That is, if you also want to know the answer to the question posed - you put a plus. So then popular questions are visible. well, or not popular, and even stupid. In my opinion it is logical.
Does the article rating affect the information content of the article itself?
For example, I would also like to see a rating for articles at once - dori
. This was certainly done as part of impartiality, so that the evaluation of others would not affect yours. I somehow made such a script for comments on Habré, some liked it and even noticed that the comments are evaluated differently when the ratings of others are not visible.
Here I think not an assessment, but the popularity of the issue. - lee drake
tracy moran
hmm, interestingly, maybe I didn’t understand something, but I always click on the dash between the shooters to see the votes for the article. The result is shown without draining the voice.
not quite right.
when you click on the dash - you still merge voice. after that, the raise / lower buttons become inactive and you can no longer vote for the topic - jamie young
The voice merges. Exudate + \ - do not put - tara sladky paul
yes, already realized. - lucky vaunda
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