Advise books on IT marketing

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Advise literature on marketing with a bias towards IT. Level from beginner to intermediate.
It is possible both in English and in Russian.


Jarvis, “What would Google do?” Is quite an interesting attempt to shift Google’s experience to different areas.

Beckwith, "Selling the Invisible," is a guide to selling what is not made up of atoms.
Thank you, but we accidentally have no link to the free version, where can I download it? - shelly penumalli
These are not, but if you want something cool right now, here is another book: Richard Brendson, "To hell with it, take it and do it." Not exactly about IT, rather, for a single corporation in the spirit of 2.0. But very useful. In general, he has a great series.

Thank you read already. Here is the link for "Selling the Invisible" - - chris dent
For inspiration, Branson has already been advised, there are still many commercial "eggey!" literature.

For business, it is more useful to study specific cases of specific companies (what they do in normal business schools).

Here is a good case
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