Creating a device based on electronic paper

Asked bymillie

I would be very grateful for any, even the most meager, information about where and how to get the "raw" electronic paper. In the catalogs of electronic components stores this miracle of technology among LCD, LED and other display devices, unfortunately, I have never met.

Perhaps I’m not looking there, or will I have to wait 5 years for it to become publicly available?


natalija malba i
from any Chinese manufacturer of e-ink. True, as a rule, in batches of 1000 pieces, but, about a year ago, we successfully asked to send us 10 visiplexes for PRS-505, then we didn’t take it anywhere for repairs. Try to dig up old threads on the 505th model on, there the manufacturer’s contacts were and so on. In principle, it is not difficult to find it by the screen model number.
Thank you, we will dig :) - hanny
cheryl bradley
It seems like, nowhere else, the monopoly.
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