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I intend to attend courses on functional programming, which are written in topic link. But in order not to feel like an amateur at all, I would like during these 2 weeks to get some general idea of ​​functional programming and write “Hello, World!” On rlang'e or haskell'e. Advise the book.

It is desirable in Russian, because such a thin and new area for me I want to understand completely. English is still not native and there may be a confusion with terms. - l


I can advise you link, dedicated to functional programming, perhaps you will learn a lot of new things for yourself.
Field A., Harrison P. - Functional programming

The first part of the book contains an overview of the FP, the second - the basics of the implementation of FFs (lambda calculus, types, eval-apply, SECD-machine, graph reduction, combinatorial reduction, garbage collection). In the annex, you can read about denotational semantics. The second part is the most valuable.
Field and Harrison - this is the best book on AF, available in Russian, in my opinion. But specifically “Hello, World!” Will not help to write.
So, if we look specifically at languages, then my choice would be:
Haskell: Dushkin "Functional programming in Haskell". Or his lectures, which he read 5 years ago in MEPhI Or articles ibm:
O'Caml: - excellent translation of documentation
F #: article on
For a snack, according to LISP, you can read SICP: - celia
By the way, speaking specifically about F #, the article in the TFG turned out to be far from the best, in my opinion. She is very divorced from reality.
It is better to take articles from the blogs of the author of the language plus “Expert F #” or “Programming F #”, and study them by source. In Russian, of course, no. - dina basnaly
Here is a small list of training materials regarding this topic:

1) Learn You a Haskell For Great Good
This tutorial is replete with pictures and a bunch of simple examples that bring clarity to the head.

2) Real World Haskell
Absolutely outstanding book on the application of the functional paradigm in industrial tasks. I advise everyone to at least read this book. It shows the initial setup of the programming environment, so that the student can immediately begin to perform the exercises.

3) A. Field, P. Harrison. Functional programming.
This book is recommended in our university for the course of functional programming. After reading it, I can say that it is good and fundamental.

4) Lambda the ultimate - one can say - a large number of mini-blogs devoted to functional programming.
Learn You a Haskell For Great Good exists in Russian. Highly recommend this book. - arthur sumual
Yeah, I even took part in the translation. =) - benjamin rosenbaum
Alexott on the site a good selection of books:
teresa dropkin
I vote for SICP (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs). No wonder about it for more than a dozen years taught at MIT - the leading technical university in the world.

But in order not to feel like an amateur at all, I would like to get some general idea about functional programming during these 2 weeks and write “Hello, World!” on rlang'e or haskell'e.
IMHO, with the knowledge of how to spell "hello, world" on Haskell, you can only go for an amateur. You need to think in a functional style, and you can attach cars to this locomotive in the form of haskell, erlang, scheme, etc. will be much easier.
kelli oliver george
According to Erlang, I can advise “Programming Erlang” from the Pragmatic Bookshelf series, but first I’ll get better acquainted with Haskell, a pure academic language that demonstrates the whole point of the functional approach.
dayna flumerfelt
Best of all, at the beginning, you should read a couple of chapters from here link. So it will be enough just to understand the lambda.
Then I would recommend link, it also gives a great understanding of what is happening.
Well, and most importantly - practice. So best understand something.
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