DNS configuration in Plesk?

Asked byjohn hughes

Hoster uses Plesk to manage hosting. I would like to use Google Apps on the site, but I can’t register the DNS in the DNS splash editor.

Everything is written as described in the settings of Google. More than a week has passed.

But when opening the registered subdomains, a message pops out saying that this domain does not exist.

What could be the problem? In the crooked hands of me or the hoster? Or is this a splash limitation that does not allow DNS to work with external resources?


brie kennedy
There are 2 NS servers registered with the registrar:
Nserver: ns1.reselldns.de
Nserver: ns2.reselldns.de
$ nslookup calendar.catusaar.de ns1.reselldns.de
Server: ns1.reselldns.de
Address: # 53

Name: calendar.catusaar.de

$ nslookup calendar.catusaar.de ns2.reselldns.de
Server: ns2.reselldns.de
Address: # 53

Name: calendar.catusaar.de

You are trying to edit the DNS records on ns.catusaar.de (all 3 NS have different IP), which is not responsible for your zone in any way (more precisely, the registrar does not know about this).
nslookup calendar.catusaar.de ns.catusaar.de
Server: ns.catusaar.de
Address: # 53

calendar.catusaar.de canonical name = ghs.google.com.

Kick the hoster - they are wise.

And with this business everything is great - I use it for the 3rd year :)
charley francis
try for all Google mailboxes to specify one index of the mx record ...
for example 10
mx entry affects the delivery of emails, not the display of google apps.
Moreover, such priorities are recommended by Google itself. - bronwen
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