Checking Forms in html5 (firefox 4 beta x)

Asked bymaurice

Is there any way to remove the pop-up prompt from input that appears when you apply the setCustomValidity () method to the field? Perhaps through the pseudo-class: invalid, al still somehow ...

The reasoning for link did not answer :(.

During the experiments, a "dirty" solution of the problem was found (an example of event delegation):


Nevertheless, the question remains open. - n


melissa riker
we remove the input attribute required on all by onload so that the browser does not climb with its not very nice validation ahead of our beautiful js.
Well, users without js will already receive form validation by the browser.
On js, I already have a solution, but I would like to redo the css with the use of pseudo-classes to design + other amenities from js. But the only hitch is this pop-up hint :( - astha
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