Tags in windows explorer?

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Actually there is a desire to arrange a tag system in the explorer so that photos / videos can be scattered not only by date / quality, but also by place, genre, etc. Does anyone know a good thread for this?

I tried TaggedFrog, but with large amounts of data, it starts to slow down hopelessly, and sometimes hang. Linux options can not offer - there I work.

Arrange - it means to be able to search by tags. Roughly speaking, in the search you enter "2001 Masha" and the program gives out from the entire heap of photos only those that were made in 2001 and which have Masha. Similarly with movies. - t


What does “arrange” mean? Windows Explorer native link. Including type search tag: something
But in general, for organizing photos, I would advise WLPG
Yes, the WLPG works fine for me on a library with 35k photos. The only thing is that the primary indexing took several hours - raine
just to handle these tags is not very convenient :( - suzvt
Well, in general, yes, the conductor is not a photo cataloguer. On the other hand, there are things that many people don’t even know. it can be fixed. - thao nguyen
Picasa to cope with this pretty well. And just a conductor is unlikely to get something good
For the file system in the complex, try tag2find.
And for photos or videos, you can use special soft. Photos, for example, can be very conveniently cataloged using xnView, and for video there is a movienizer.
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