Tunneling via HTTP proxy

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 - a computer with Linux with access to the Internet through a transparent http proxy;
 - a server where you can run an arbitrary program.

It is required that the computer has Internet via the server (if the server can be dispensed with, the better) and jabber, ssh and many other things that need specific ports and a permanent connection can be used.

What solutions exist for this case?


lacey miller
On the local computer, run "ssh -D login @ remote_server &"

Next, in any program you register SOCKS proxy "".
SOCKS proxy, as a rule, support almost everything.
You do not need to run anything on remote_server.
The first command will not work: a computer for a proxy, you cannot connect to it via ssh from the server. This is the initial problem. - manasvi
Then you google "ssh via http proxy" and "corkscrew". - daniel stallings
This method may be the easiest. Thank you. - shveta thakrar
on the server, put the server, on the local typewriter client, get a tunnel, but what next to do with it (natit directly on the server or route further) you decide. Good luck
mayra ly
first of all it is necessary to ask a question: does your HTTP proxy support CONNECT method on at least one arbitrary port (sometimes limit to 443 and 21)? and will not the proxy break connections for some timeout
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