UI mobile applications: Native SDK vs. HTML5

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Suppose you have a task to write a cross-platform application for the iPhone, Android and other modern mobile OS; for example, a mobile client for your web service.

What do you choose: learn the intricacies of the native SDK to build the UI for each specific platform, or use WebKit and HTML5?

Immediately, I note that the use of HTML5 in no way limits access to all the functionality of the device, since the WebKit engine on both the iPhone and Android allows native-code and javascript to interact. The question concerns exclusively the development of the user interface - layouts, widgets, animations, various graphic elements and the like.


julia giordano
unambiguously native sdk - web applications on android are rather clumsy (the same google reader, for example)
kristine backner
I definitely choose HTML5, since now there are a lot of frameworks that allow writing quickly, efficiently and efficiently.
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