Startup promotion, how?

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They all write a lot here because they get money for a startup from investors and then spend it on the office and hire a bunch of staff. This is all well and good, but I have not seen enough detailed articles about how exactly money is spent on the development and promotion of the site.

Many will say, well, how, they order more SEOs and make money for advertising (banners). I will say - what’s next, what’s next? SEO for example worked to some extent, but advertising did not work and what to do? More spending money. Explain, please.


If a startup is good - you don’t even need to advertise it, just show it to your friends - the rest will catch up. Thus, you can also avoid habraeffekt, which in most cases leads to epic fail.
This is yes but not all sites are, for example twitter? Until now, many do not understand what it is for and how to use it. - julie felix
they don’t cut in but use and bring their friends - abdullah maghrabi
I don’t see what Twitter is “not like that”. viral marketing taxis. "VKontakte" example. - pat richmond
And here and FIG. Twitter at the start had a very big advantage - odeo. July 13, the site was launched. July 15 about him already written in techcranche. If any Vasya Pupkin would have done a Twitter prototype, then he, at least, would have to look for ways to get into the reviews of some kind of media publication. In general, Twitter is not well suited as an example. Not all projects can "bring" friends. If you are interested to know that link - bianca cujba
I agree, plus there are already similar services. I can understand if it is Google or something else that is heavy, where servers are needed, a lot of people, etc., and here it is ... I think that basically money is allowed for promotion, ordered paid articles, advertising (content and banner), on TV advertising and a lot of different things that we may not know. If we take in the ratio of 20% development, 5% office, etc. 75% promotion. What do you think about that? - fantagraphics books
75% for promotion is nice, of course)) actually depends on what type of startup, who the target audience is, what the business model is, projects of one type can be developed almost free of charge, projects of another type can spend 90% on promotion and we can not say that the first are good, and the second are bad
all the same, with a probability of 99.99%, your startup is not unique)) so you need to look at how similar projects developed, see how established companies work in this market, and based on this, understand the basic principles of attracting users and basic quantitative indicators, and then do your promotion based on this experience - linda gartz
teresa ishigaki
"everything came up with us" - it is very difficult to surprise a start-up now, and any domestic start-up (including the CIS) is a rethinking (often negative) of realized Western ideas.

If you have assembled a tool that someone should use, then the only way to get him to use it is to give them a try and every way try to please and undermine it according to their requirements.
From a marketing point of view, email distribution is minimally intrusive, but as persistent as possible. This can be a digest, project news, and so on. Have you come up with buns that competitors don't have? Do not rush to display them in the prod. Let the audience stand. Let people feel you, touch you and do not see the difference from the analogue, or do not see the obvious benefits. The boiling point is determined by the indicators octase. Sent 1000 letters - it came 800 - poked 300 - approx. Repeat until the situation happened. 1000 - it came 100 - poked 1 - 5 wrote an angry letter to the support, demanding to delete it from the database. The customer is angry with you - the customer knows you. The one who is angry - that controls. Fasten the buns and send a joyful letter in the style of "You wanted - we did." From love to hate and back one step and you get customers (not the audience, namely customers).
steph n
No matter how trite it sounds, promotion specialists are best at promoting. They helped us a lot to determine what we are selling, colleagues from They also in a short time found us more customers than we could spud.
And what services did you order from them - “Pre-sales and telemarketing”? for which product / service? - ansley gower
brandon buchanan
The cornerstone of the project promotion is the necessity of this very project. If “the megasystem of the exchange of smells from under the arms via the Internet” is not needed by anyone, then it will not be possible to promote it.
and in general it is desirable to write already under the heated user.
invites prior to the development of the project, the tester community to the first line of the design code / sheet.
viral marketing and others like a blizzard.
and most importantly try, experiment and try.

and by the way, sometimes a timed slip in 0.5s can create a 100k client for you - mary michelle moore
camila valdez
I think everything depends on what your project is doing, say, this is an Internet service for lawyers or physicists.

1. sending out to friends, acquaintances, and please pass on
2. if you have something to write new - write news and send to the media
3. posting links to you in different groups in VK and so on.
4. Buying, if you have money, advertising, it’s better not banners, but links, and even better to pay for the action - registration, downloading, filling out a questionnaire, etc.
5. mailing, e-mail newsletters, not spam, let's say there are paid options, advertising for services like Spaylog or Hotlog. If the service does not have such an option - ask them to do it, you will be the first customers (provided that they have a database of contacts of their customers)
6. SEO
7. SEO video
8. participation in contests, ratings
9. holding contests to attract attention and audience - play a new iPhone 4 for those who will bring new friends more than anyone, etc.
10. other

I do not agree that good service, service should not be advertised. All advertise themselves, but in different ways and Facebook, and Google, and Porsche, and Mercedes with Coke.
Yes, that's right, the promotion of a startup depends largely on the startup itself. Well, the most important thing is to clearly define the target audience. Selling skateboards in a nursing home is a bad idea. Well, if the domestic market has dried up - go to the international: localization, refinement of features to the requirements of the new market. For example, to go to Korea with a mobile game, which cannot boast of great graphics, is at least not promising. In general, if you do not know what to do next, contact the experts. They will look, appreciate, say what and where is wrong.
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