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A letter arrived today that did not get into spam. Neighing.

The title of the letter: "Warning for mysayt.RU"
Hello admin resource link
I, the representative of iname.ua, which is the main registrar of domain names in Ukraine, as well as the general sponsor of the electronic newspaper “Crime of Ukraine” (cripo.com.ua), declare to you, as the administrator of the domain moisite.RU, that we have compromising materials regarding your online activities!
To ensure that your domain mysite.RU is not removed from the delegation by your registrar, we suggest that you voluntarily transfer it to our bulletproof IName site in Ukraine, i.e. you must transfer the domain name moisite.RU, on our website at iname.ua/transfer.php and you must do this before September 11, 2010.
And also, if you do not want an article about the criminal activity of the administrator of the moisite.RU domain to be published on cripo.com.ua, as well as if you wish to voluntarily contribute to the fight against Internet fraud mechanisms, you should order our hosting for at least 6 months. You can do this on the page iname.ua/hosting.php then send us the mob. +380674380635, SMS-message with indication of your domain website.RU, for deleting the above article from cripo.com.ua

CRIPO.COM.UA - website of investigations and analysis of criminal everyday life in Ukraine

The address of your site was replaced by "moisite.RU"
Read laughed, of course. But in general, someone can “peck” on this message.
In the "Q & A" placed due to lack of karma to create a topic :-)


Lol, on the website cripo.com.ua about them article:
dave g
The same garbage fell)
for them, like, on the whole runet compromising
iname.ua - the old and famous Ukrainian registrar. I am sure this is not their method.
and it came to me ...
mindy marranca
and on the mobile number in general there are a lot of interesting letters in search engines, for example
I welcome you go ****** a.ru site administrator.
 I, an honorary member of the arbitration commission of the electronic payment system WebMoney, login - FrichX, I declare to you, as the administrator of the site go ****** a.ru, that I have compromising materials regarding your activities on the Internet, which we courtesy of your fedora-hosting.com hosting provider.
 I suggest that you voluntarily make a donation aimed at the development of the WebMoney payment system to stop all negative processes that have already been activated regarding your domain and WMID!
 Money from you should be transferred to me personally on the mobile phone +380674380635, by SMS-message in the form of Paymer-card details, for a total of 900 WMZ, not later than July 12, 2010, otherwise, in addition to publishing all claims to us on your WMID to your website, I will publish this compromising information also on my personal, numerous blogs, so apart from blocking your WM ID, along with all your electronic money, I can guarantee you a significant outflow of your customers, or maybe even a complete blocking of the go domain ****** a.ru, its registrar.
 Here is a link to just one of my many works (hundreds of similar documents can be found through the search for the phrase “gullon”:
 Here, as you can see, the site became suddenly scandalous, gullon.eu, the once flawless and flourishing Spanish confectionery company Gullon, which was completely paralyzed by the WebMoney arbitration service and personally by me, now it may well take its place !
 So do not pull, because then it will be much more expensive, and maybe it will be no longer possible to stop the negative process initiated by me.
 I also want to warn you that I do not intend to enter into negotiations with you, and in the form of a response to this warning message, you can send me only the details of Paymer-checks in the above agreed amount, in the above specified way, and nothing more!
Naebakhtung detected.

Also come - in spam.

ps By the way, the domain I registered recently is a family one -) To snatch or earn money on it will not work for them.
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