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Advise a paper book on javascript for in-depth study for a non-beginner (a programmer with experience in other languages).
I ordered the book "Javascript Detailed Guide" by David Macfarland - there was water about jquery. There were alternatives in which everything was greatly simplified (ala for dummies).
I would like the book to highlight such moments as
variable types in js,
concept prototype
working with DOM,
regular expressions.
And fewer examples on ajax, which lists the server code of ten pages.


I taught on this - link
IMHO a beautiful book. The author tries to present the essence of things, and not give a dozen ready-made recipes. - david justl
Agree Better than Flanagan, in my opinion, hard to find. - aya hesham
now I read it, a lot of repetition and water, for a detailed study it is the most.
ps I could not find a book in my city, it’s problematic to order from Russia, while I’m suffering with the electronic version, as soon as I find the paper edition I’ll buy it right away)
In general, I advise you to download link, see what is best for you, and then buy.
The above proposed book is there. - tina tanberk
* The link is crookedly inserted. Here - durrel
I join. While I advise all the same not too lazy and buy. - mattias ivarsson
Talmud is very heavy. And by language and by weight. - cole van krieken
It is difficult to order it even from ozone - it is absent - bluepard
amanda price
According to Douglas Crockford, there are two worthwhile books on JS:
1. Javascript: The Definitive Guide, mentioned above.
2. and Crockford’s own book: Javascript: The Good Parts

I also recommend Crockford's lecture videos:
+1 2 book is excellent. Very short, and gives a good idea of ​​the language. The second is more reference, so, I do not recommend reading it from cover to cover - gali6teto
sara lynn willis
I can advise the blog link
It has some good articles about parsing ECMA
gail guerrero
Javascript | Flanagan D. | O'RELLY
lady mockingbird
Danny Goodman, Michael Morrison Publishing House
Preface by Brendan Eich
"Javascript User Bible"
5th edition (in view of the book is not pdf)
I consider it a great book.
Here is what Brendan Eich writes:
“I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to learn Javascript,
read the book by danny goodman javascript. The Bible of the user ...... "
jodee pride donaldson
Pro Javascript Techniques
Posted by John Resig (jQuery, Sizzle)

Very well written about the device events, as well as about the DOM.
tracey sims
I also advise Javascript: The Definitive Guide. I consider it generally the best book on this topic and I myself reread my favorite moments for the night =)
Yes, by and large, it can be applied to many languages ​​and in general to understanding. So it is well written. If of course you read and reread it. - maria los
jenny rellick

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan JavaScript Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov Good Parts by Douglas Crockford

incognita book tips from jQuery.

Now I am reading his latest (Secrets of the Javascript Ninja) in MEAP.
Is this a preliminary version of the book? is she still out? - kimberly hildebrand
Yes, Manning Early Access Program. - colette gregoire
susan parry
Javascript Programmer's Guide, Paul Wilton, Jeremy MacPick, Wrox Publishing.
kurt driessens

Of the paper I consider the best JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan.

Of the electronic, with pdf option, I would advise There, quite briefly, but addressed all the issues that you need. As a plus - there are tasks that will help you better understand the material.

And if it’s not critical for you to have exactly paper, I would advise you to deal with JavaScript exactly on


Good material for learning JS is only in English.

First of all, start with this article "What to read to increase your level of JavaScript" There is a very, very good article on the patterns "Learning JavaScript Design Patterns" By technology (DOM API) is worth reading

From the books I would recommend  * JavaScript: The Definitive Guide: David Flanagan  * Eloquent JavaScript  * Maintainable JavaScript: Nicholas C. Zakas  * Async JavaScript by Trevor Burnham  * Smashing Node.JS by Guillermo Rauch

Do not need such categorical statements. Material on in Russian. And while this is really a very good material to learn. - stefi
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