Support for DHCP Option 121 and 249 on Mac OS X

Asked bylauren stephanoff

Tell me, is there support for options 121 and 249 (Classless Static Route) in DHCP and PPTP clients on Mac OS X?
link link on the support of these options on the Internet, but my clients with OS X refuse to accept routes from them, although the other parameters apply and there are no problems with Windows.


mohamed habashy
The problem was in the vpn-server configuration, ip unnambered was used for the Virtual-Template, and in the routes distributed via option 249, the first address from the pool for vpn-clients was specified on which nobody was sitting.
With Windows, this configuration works (the ppp interface is set as the destination route), and OS X refuses to accept incorrect routes.
rita heikens
DHCP Inform is supported by itself, here’s a piece of man ipconfig:
ipconfig set interface-name (MANUAL | INFORM) ip-address subnet-mask

The INFORM service configures the IP address statically like MANUAL, but then broadcasts
DHCP INFORM packets to retrieve DHCP option information. If the DHCP server responds and
supplies a subnet mask, subnet mask is used instead of the specified subnet mask.

Those. for testing purposes, you can try to send with your hands.
But in fact, when connecting to the PPTP server, everything is sent, here is a screenshot of Wireshark:

Now there is no time to fence the config with lissyar, but in the evening or tomorrow I will raise the stand with ciscus - I will check the support of specific options, but IMHO must be supported :)
Thank you very much for the answer, the initial question was asked incorrectly - I did not manage to capture traffic inside the ppp session using Wireshark.
By the way, how did you do it? Their knowledge base is link, which is impossible :) - lisa hodes
The fence is also written :) But I did not shoot with PPP, but with en0, since PPTP still goes through it. And to see what's inside just plainly turned off the tunnel encryption.
If you look at the DHCP Inform package, then wireshark will show the PPP / PPTP headers, it just strips the headers to the “desired” level. - zachary shinabargar
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