Software for automatic comparison of PostgreSQL schemas?

Asked bynagla

Tell me a tool for automatic comparison of PostgreSQL schemas on different databases. For MySQL used SQLyog. Now we are writing the migrations manually, and it is generally hard to overtake the different data in the dictionaries. Who what uses or how gets out?

UPD: We ourselves use:

a) for comparing schemes - apgdiff

b) for comparing data - LEFT JOIN%)


amanda boccalatte
EMS DB Comparer for PostgreSQL -
you can still try this script -
Under linux would be. The first tried - under wine is buggy - brielle
and the second and under Linux will work - franchesca
Instead of the second there is apgdiff, which already suits. And he also does not know how to compare the data in the tables. - dorre
elsa mauer
To compare the schemes, you can use PgMDD. The procedure is simple.

1. Doing Reverse Engineering One
2. For the resulting model, launch Modify, specify another as the target.
3. The resulting DDL statements are diff.
kevin panameno
the difference between physical models is very cool in sybase powerdesigner to watch - but
1. under Windows, under Vain’s school, it’s buggy and for a long time to cut it to that state in order to at least create a workspace.
2. Trial or ...
sarah wright
Old-fashioned course is terrible, but suddenly it fits or thinks which one (it’s true itself hasn’t looked at the elephant for a long time, but used this thing at one time) - PostgreSQL Diff Utility.
apgdiff, in contrast to this project, is not dead and better - amy margaroli
jimmy monta o
Data compare / sync can rubyrep - copes with the task to throw zapinkat two bases. True scheme, he can not compare and for sync schemes should already be the same
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