Good books on Oracle (DBA, PL / SQL) judging by your experience?

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Interested in the list of references for which studied Oraklists. At the moment there is a huge amount of both paper and electronic literature and from this mass it is very difficult to choose really good material. Advise good in your opinion and experience books on DBA (Ora 10g) and PL / SQL

They also advise you to watch Oracle video courses from Puskas and Mironchik.


bible dba from tom:
“Tom Kite. Oracle for Professionals "
lynn w
Thomas Kyte - Expert Oracle Database Architecture Second Edition
Thomas Kyte - Effective Oracle By Design
erin heaps
Ferstein, Arrived "Oracle PL / SQL for Professionals." The book is already old, but a lot of useful.
Naturally, Kite.
The FAQ on is just as helpful to just occasionally look through the forum.
And most importantly - the official dock. The source, so to speak. In my opinion, reading books instead of the docks, although good, is the same as reading reviews on “War and Peace” without reading the work itself.
And what documentation (preferably in Russian) can you recommend for PL / SQL (10g)? If possible, can credit. - sabrina grounds
In Russian, unfortunately, I can’t recommend anything other than Fershteyn, but in the bourgeoisie - the official docks: In particular, the books from section Application Development. - morgan bird
emily eisenhauer
According to PL / SQL recommended book:
“Oracle Database 10g. Programming in PL / SQL ”, Urman, Hardman
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