Merchants for SaaS?

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Can services like Plimus and Avangate accept payments from customers of the SaaS service? If not, are there any specialized payment services for SaaS?

Paypal is not appropriate because it does not work with Russia to receive money. p.gif

are meant only credit cards? - gurhankalafat
Yes, preferably through PayPal, because service for the whole world. - laura cornthwaite


alyssa haden
In our SaaS service, we use MoneyBookers to accept payments, regular payments are supported in their API, and we will need to sign an agreement with them to accept credit cards.

You signed the agreement as who? - ulrike
As an individual, in the columns where it was necessary to indicate the name of the company wrote the web address of the service and full name, documents were needed in the form of passport, receipts for payment of utilities, after that they checked the site and gave remarks that it was necessary to place on it. As a result, after about three weeks, the merchant was assigned a status and an opportunity to accept payments, including credit cards. How do we get bigger are planning to go to - aunt
What are the commissions for you? - liesl
0.29 euro per transaction + 1.9% of the amount - jason randolph
Withdraw to a bank account in Russia? - narita
As far as I understood ( after reaching the limit of 2500 euros, they want a Certificate of Incorporation, i.e. How can a physical person not work, have you not reached this limit? - kiminator5
It is possible to withdraw to the account and to the VISA card, we withdraw to VISA
$ 2.32 fixed commission per withdrawal transaction - mole
We currently display less, but in the withdrawal limits section we have marked as “no limit” - deep hollow
And what does it mean to withdraw to Visa card? Is it an international bank transfer to a bank account or specifically to a specific Visa card by its number? And the account / cards are open in Russia? - maryam khan
The card is tied to an account. When you bind, you ask for the number, full name, validity date and CVV card, then the amount of about 3 dollars is debited to the account.
The card is open in Kazakhstan. For Russia, I think it will be the same. - selby
andrea mcdonald
It depends on whether Plimus supports periodic write-offs.

I wrote link here with “sad PR of CheddarGetter” (Periodically it charges for subscription from credit cards through your account in Authorize.Net)
I don't know about Russian credit cards.

For Russia, for credit cards there is LiqPay. For link. I don’t know about periodic payments, but you can work on a prepaid basis with your clients, or you can issue bills and remind you every month.
u plimus on the main page is written SaaS
Both single payments and periodic payments can be made.
rachel flavin
Although it has been three months already, but, perhaps, I will insert my 5 kopecks.
Support at Plimus is something not responding, then responding, but some kind of garbage.
Chardzhbekov they fear as fire - the most moronic reason from the buyer rolls. For example, "the product does not match the description" rolled. This is in view of the fact that there is a trial version of the product, which is no different from a commercial one, except for the operating time. And it was not the chargeback itself, but a refand through their internal system with the threat of chargeback.
They also declare that they are fining the seller only if the number of chargebacks from the total number of transactions exceeds the threshold of 0.4%. And this is only 1 chargeback for 250 successful transactions.
Support and chargeback are the two biggest problems with Plimus. Otherwise, everything works as it should.
ritesh sheth
we use for different countries: - but the relative high percentage is ~ 4.2% - depending on the currency from 3 to 6
and since recently we have been trying - so far, 2.7% -3% is obtained
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