How to sort letters in GMail by the amount of attachments?

Asked bynicholas alexsovich

Hi. I have a problem: the GMail box runs out of space (yes, I managed to use all 7.5 GB).

Tell me how to sort letters in the GMail web interface by date and volume of attachments in order to erase the oldest and largest ones?

I tried to solve the problem using IMAP and Opera Mail, but the volume of attachments is not visible until the letter is viewed. And in general, I would like to solve the problem without a separate email client.


In Gmail support, IMAP and Outlook are recommended. Standard means - no way.
By the way, here you can vote for the introduction of this function -
Thank you. I'll try through Outlook. Voted for this feature. - parry rigney
mike may
If you need to clean up the Gmail box, then you can give the following command in a search inside gmail

has: attachment from: me label: sent

it will show all messages with attachments that were sent by you, they are usually the most unnecessary and you can safely delete them
I'm afraid you have carelessly read the question: you need to find not just letters with attachments, but with the largest attachments. - brenda keith
jose m
If you are still interested, found a solution: FindBigMail
rebekka istrail
in general, the size of attachments, as well as the names of the attached files, you can see in the global javascript variable VIEW_DATA after call has: attachment.

another thing is that its parsing may require significant time costs from the author, so it can hardly be called the best way.
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