A game about sand in linux?

Asked bydrea101

On Habré, I once read about the game, the essence of which was the following:

1. Players were given a pile of sand, players could move their sand around the map

2. Players could devour their sand stranger.

3. Whoever "eats" all the alien sand and won.

The game was with a simple interface and graphics, rivals could be searched on the network.

And now attention to the question: what is the name of this game?


beth kopine
I remember the game. The sand seems to be red and blue if played together. But I forgot the name. I also wanted to find her, so much so that I would look. And this is after a sleepless night drawing a microcontroller circuit on sheet A1 :)
Ha! Isn’t she the one?
 www.gnu.org/software/liquidwar6/ - steve kline
Yes she is! Thank! - christie schraad
victoria massey
Here it is, darling: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquid_War
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