Unidentified encoding

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Colleagues, help identify the encoding

Encrypted word "Test"

In this form, Domino gives IMAP folder names.

Sorry, "Test" will be
& BCIENQRBBEI- - linda lennon
I'm sorry, but what are you going to do with this information now? - amanda hart


If you replace & with +, you get the word “garbage” in UTF-7.
Thank you, kind man :) you saved my brain! - robbie hoffman
& gt; What are you going to do with this information now?
I need to migrate a few dozen email databases from Lotus Domino to another IMAP server
(in this case Courier), and since On the lotus script, this came out too hemorrhoidly - I wrote a script in 50 lines in python.
By the way, UTF-7 c & quot; && quot; instead of & quot; + & quot; this is the standard for IMAP
More details RFC 3501 - 5.1.3. Mailbox International Naming Convention
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