Reverse proxy: Squid VS nginx?

Asked byprince kumar

I choose between two services for the role of a caching proxy.

The project is associated with social networks and the load can increase from 10-20 to 100 Mbit / s in 1-2 minutes. While cloud servers are starting, it will take another couple of minutes.

The goal is to ensure the most effective speed of the site in this period of time.

Advise what is better to use for caching: Squid or nginx?



dakota jones
Still as an option there is Varnish

Much more flexible setup, C-like configuration language with inserts on pure C.

Able to check the state of the backends, based on this, select the appropriate query processing, create a system of type round robin from them.
Thanks for the link. I heard good reviews about Varnish, but at that moment did not give it any importance.
See more on the site. - jodie smith
Squid as a proxy has more functionality than nginx. In any case, it all depends on the specifics of caching. If everything is in what nginx can do, I would use it. In any case, there is no problem to stick squid first and collect statistics on the response in peaks, and then nginx and make a decision based on this data.
is a long time option, but it’s a justified result :) - gina alexan
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