About the number of connections to the database

Asked byjuannc

There is a standard three-star: thin clients - application server - DB. 50 customers. Is it true that, for an acceptable response time, there will be, say, 5 connections between the server and the database?


brian walton
It all depends on how quickly the database will give the data. And will not the application server take too long to close the connection. We must take and measure. It is impossible to answer this question “yes” or “no.”

Connection pooling is relevant * only * when the time to establish a new connection * really * needs to be reduced.
sadye chester
If the server opens a new connection for each request, then I am afraid there will be problems. If the server uses connection pooling keeps 5 connections, and scatters requests on them - that is enough.
Yes, it implies the use of a pool. - wendy byrne
it all depends on the database and the client’s work with the server
If you do everything according to your mind - it's true - we have 30,000 unique users per day on five connections to the database. And do not complain.
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