Which book is better to take to study C #?

Asked byalan palmer

I decided to seriously study C #. Maybe someone will advise a good book, which he himself once used to study ...

C #
Author: Watson K.
Publisher: Lori
Year of publication: 2005
Pages: 879
 computersbooks.net/index.php?id1=4&category=langua... - j


kelly richardson
The best work with a full introduction to the language and its subtleties plus the use written by E. Troelsen. In Russian, this is "C # 2008 programming language and .NET 3.5 platform."

After exploring Troelsen, the cult book of fellow workers is mandatory: Jeffrey Richter, "CLR via C #".

And then you need to focus on specific technologies. If you are interested in ASP.NET, then this is Dino Esposito, if WPF is Charles Petzold. And so on.
I fully agree. I forgot about Troelson completely :) - brooke moncrief
+1 for Troelson, a great book! - annelise lestrange
Thanks to the author for asking, and you guys for the answers! Take advantage of your advice. - raymond berg
ashley ellis
Loved C # 4.0 in a Nutshell, Joseph Albahari & Ben Albahari
Meaningful, concise and to the point.
I confirm, found there the answers to all my questions. She is just wonderful.
And in it and about LINQ in great detail. - tim jaeger
rich uchytil
Jeffrey Richter - CLR via C #. Programming on the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 in C #.
A new edition is due soon. - ktrnmy
new edition has already been released, though in English - kennywins
betsy brooks
C # - Carly Watson
roslyn sundset
Trey Nash - Accelerated C #

I can also advise Fowler, although this has no relation to the direct study of the syntax of the language.
The examples above are good enough serious books for people who are already familiar with programming and languages. It all depends on your level. If you want to study completely from scratch, I can advise books from the HeadFirst series. They are very well written for newbies.
G. Schildt traditionally quite good books (more precisely, reference books, but nonetheless) in C writes, incl. and by C #
Shildt on C # did not like. Dry text, almost a retelling of MSDN. I would not recommend. However, in C, his books are excellent. - ashley lierman
alla m
I am familiar with PHP enough to write web applications, and as far as I know, PHP and C # are similar. With a c # sign at a very low level.

Thank you all for the tips! Especially

  - amber cooke
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And thanks to the special Habrayuzer Skiminok - wayne hancock
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sean concannon
Such questions are often asked on Stackoverflow. The search will help you: stackoverflow.com/search?q=C%23+book
emily a
As a reference, I can advise "Modern practice of programming in Visual Basic and C #" (F. Balena, D. Dimauro).
Thank you very much. And as a book with examples, explanations that you can use ?? - laken oliver
I only needed a reference book - for the rest I used a course of lectures from the local university locale, you do not know what to advise, if you do not stoop to platitudes ... :) - bwebster5cox net
mitesh kothari
C # Language Specification, was link on habr.
C # 4.0 in a Nutshell, Fourth Edition, then read more about linq, the Entity Framework and the direction of the desktop or web
joseph bates
rochelle capes
Author: Watson K.
Publisher: Lori
Year of publication: 2005
Pages: 879
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