Can I charge my iPhone by charging from iPad? (1A vs. 2.1A)?

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Such a feeling that a charged Ipad charging phone sits down much faster.


A (Amperes) - current strength, characteristic of the consumer and not the source. For the source it is the maximum allowable current. If the iPhone controller is able to control the charging current normally, then at least a 100A charger will be connected, nothing will happen, it will charge as usual.
it just charges faster. and the rest only seems
This does not adversely affect the battery? - neal haggard
No, it will not be affected. - briana lambert
amber andrew
megan graham
It is possible, but from the old USB port there isn’t - I didn’t charge from the 2006 poppy.
The Griffin iPhone charging is in the car when you connect an iPad to it, writes “not charging”, but if you leave it for a couple of hours (for example, in traffic), the iPad slowly but surely charges)
in the same way the iPad writes if it is charged via USB from a PC, but it charges slowly if left alone ... - james noll
I don’t write this and calmly charge USB.
A here via a USB hub (with external power) do not want to charge either the iPad or the iPhone. - viceshley
abdul manan
I don’t know about the iPhone, but the iPod battery Video crazy about it. Two days I pumped out my native charger.
ashley ong
After the purchase, iPhone4 took the native iPhone charging to work, and the iPad1 remained at home to charge both devices. So today, the phone simply refuses to work without a cord - it just goes out after 0.5-3 minutes after pulling out (charge 100%) ... I tried to restore the firmware, it did not help. I sin on the power controller, which is not very happy = (And I also thought that nothing would happen.
Charging naturally original Apple, from the sets of devices. I stopped charging Chinese with iPod touch 2nd after the glitches of the screen and the horrors about the power controller read on the network. - katie garcia
Hmm ... You will laugh but the demolition of the Sizer program (the phone is not unlocked, not jailbroken, everything is official and for money), which after installation took off surprisingly, solved the problem, it seems to work ... The only question left is HOW !? O_O - snowflake
Yes, the problem was clearly not in the diet. I have since charged both devices with one charge. The flight is normal. - cindy urmston
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