What is the meaning of closed blogs on Habré?

Asked bydetra

Posts from closed blogs are shown on the main and new ones. Anyone can write to closed blogs. Anyone can read private blogs as soon as they join them. The only thing that shows the closeness of blogs - that they have to join in an explicit form. In my opinion, this only creates additional inconvenience and reduces the number of readers of posts.

And what is the deep positive meaning in them?


jon dula
Posts from closed blogs are shown on the main and in new only to those who subscribe to these blogs. This creates additional convenience in that it reduces the number of readers of posts. You will not believe, not everyone likes to read humor through a post. I would be glad if the games were closed.
About the game - I support. And "Company Blog. *". - megan kunz
Is it really profitable to hide company blogs for the creators of Habr? - djuna
I support. Games can and will be closed, but you should not count on hiding the blogs of companies. - leslie j
homm is always trying to idealize the main page, so that it most accurately meets its requirements :) - eunice
Your opinion would not be considered complete nonsense if it had not been preceded by comments from StopDesign and crea7or. - naamnam
homm I care little about how my comment looks, the main thing is that you have responded. You are here already remembered for its sacred war for the purity of the main page. - amal awad
I agree. - caf africa africa
It has long been time to send all gaming topics to a private blog. - shamira nawz
A “Popular Science” blog, on the contrary, should be converted from closed offtopics to publicly accessible blogs. - constance scharff
It is still necessary to close all corporate blogs, as well as orderly podzadolbavshuyu drochevo on Apple-Google. - darcy o
What is inconvenient is the need to subscribe to the blog, if I hit the note by reference. Well, they would not take them home simply - and that’s all. - warren tappe
Just in case, let me remind you that topics can be filtered using Yahoo Pipes - habrahabr.ru/blogs/yahoo/98468/
You can also make a filter on the “Company Blog. *”.
Shl. This article is not the easiest of the implemented scheme. - carly mae
Antibug: topics can be filtered in many ways: either by subscribing to your Ribbon 2.0, which only includes blogs that are marked in your profile, and by subscribing via tags, and Yahoo, and viewing the same Ribbon 3.0
Homm, who was really remembered by his holivar on this topic, should really see if there are a number of corporate blog subscribers who, oh my God, have even clearly indicated their affection for one or another company and want to see their posts on the main :) - suzanne gert
User lamo4ok, I didn’t say anything against corporate blogs, you are probably confused in nicknames :) This is a way of earning a habr, i.e. thanks to which we are all here. - daisie
Homm: Hmm, but it seems that it was you who wrote in a Samsung blog about the fact that it would be nice to close corporate blogs. So I am confused by the comments above. - elizabeth tedford
tony jenner
To keep the overall technical focus of the resource, but also not to let the public go to other sites.
The problem is that these most closed blogs are inaccessible to unregistered readers of Habrakhabr in general - I was very annoyed some time ago. I think it would be possible to create reduced accounts that allow you to subscribe to closed blogs, but not allow everything else. - stacy davidowitz
It often happens that the topic is minus simply because of the subject matter that is unpleasant or incomprehensible to some users.
For example - Humor. The sense of humor among the local audience often leaves much to be desired, so it is highlighted in a private blog.
susan gilroy king
In addition, I personally see the meaning of not showing a certain content to unregistered users, for example, the same humor or posts about the habr. For solidity or something.
susie stroud
as already mentioned, closed blogs reduce the amount of "noise" on the main page.

but they have a drawback - an unregistered person cannot read an article from such a blog, and you have to give links through all sorts of peeep.us

IMHO, it would be more correct to allow habrowamers to choose “show / not show me this blog”, but at the same time allow everyone to view via a direct link.
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