iPhone 3Gs & amp; Windows 7 x64

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Hello! Please help the collective mind.
A week ago, I purchased a new iPhone 3GS. On my machine (Acer 8942G OS: Windows 7 x64 Home Premium) it didn’t sync and it’s not recognized at all in itunes. A little googling, I found out that there is a synchronization problem with my OS, and I also sinned on the intel p55 chipset (I don’t know on which chipset my laptop was assembled, but on my bi and on it).
On another laptop with XP, synchronization is excellent.
Without thinking twice, I launched a virtual machine on the seven, installed XP. The iPhone in the virtual machine was identified, data from the phone in itunes is received, it sees my programs, but when I try to sync, an error occurs: “I cannot synchronize the iPhone„ voftik “. The specified file name is a duplicate ", or & quot; ... file not found & quot ;.
Help please solve the problem ...

an error number is written on the message box? it is usually four-digit. - genie
No, it is not written. - aaron reyes


You can try to put an external USB controller. It helped my friend, but the method is not 100%
b lyon
about the mother with the chipset at work in the BIOS helped me tick one flag. which one no longer remember.
C-tech mine - trevor anthony
or c-state - shveta thakrar
The recipe for 7-х х64: "c state" / new drivers / mute Kaspersky.
He himself suffered for about a month, iTunes just hung when he connected the handset to the computer.
exactly those symptoms. I will try now. - sandy ostrom mcinvale
Taaak, there are extremely few settings in the BIOS, “c state” was not there. There is no new BIOS version on the Acer website. What do you say, comrades? - michellemcgregor527
tracey sims
USB controller and USB dock is it the same thing?
Problem solved in latest version of iTunes. Thanks to all.
It's nice when Apple is still testing its software :) Even if it took a whole year - daniela
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