Debian squeeze / Gnome - is the graphical interface dying?

Asked byalexandru andronache

About a year ago I ran into a problem: at any random moment, the graphical interface simply stops responding to input devices. All applications continue to work, messages arrive in IM, pop-up windows appear, it’s interesting that the cursor moves with the mouse, but nothing can be done. I sit and watch.

A few months ago, it was decided to switch to the next desktop and back (Ctrl + Alt + to the right). Now, even this does not help (although the problem began to occur much less frequently - once or twice a month). You have to open the console and restart gdm. In the same console restarted hal and dbus - also nothing.

Over the past year, I think everything has been updated: both xorg and gthumb (sometimes when it was closed and when working in the Gimp, everything happened), nvidia drivers, and several full upgrades.

gnome: 2.30 + 1

xorg: 7.5 + 6

compiz: 0.8.4-4

nvidia-glx: 256.53

Look like that's it. Faced?

Perhaps one of the applications intercepts the focus, it was like this with inkscape several times and in steam, regardless of the desktop environment. - m


asharae kroll
The case is in the gnome? .. In which xfce something like this will not happen?

Try to create a new user and some time to work from him, with a clean profile. Perhaps the problem in the settings.
It is necessary to wait for the appearance for about a month ... - keitha
Logs are needed anyway, without this, it is problematic to understand something ... But in general it looks like either specific problems in settings or some strange iron glitch (contact somewhere disappears? ..) - laurie hartigan
Rather soft , since last year there have been several full upgrades. To know what to look for in logs and where. - amari
xs or not, the described simpotomy I have met. At the same time, the mouse click fell off, everything looked the same as yours, but when you hover over the button (it was backlit normally, but did not press) and the enterur worked. The problem was in the evdev driver.
So I described that it was clear how it really is. No reaction: the buttons are not highlighted. Just moving the cursor. - scott allen
On a beech there are exactly the same symptoms. But perhaps the roots are not from there, because in an instant they pass by poking a finger on the touchpad. I did not understand the reason.
bethany winston
I have the same problem. Ubuntu 10.04. Already fed into the root.

Just now doubts appeared. Look, you have in the Options- & gt; Keyboard tab “Mouse buttons” ticked “Allow to control the pointer from the keyboard”?
Does it happen randomly on Ubuntu 10.04? I only have when using the Fn + F1-12 key combination on a laptop. - nubia
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